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Ducati Terra Mostro

Ducati Terra Mostro dual-sport scrambler
There hasn’t been a dual-sport Ducati bike since the Scrambler of 1961-74. But Overland Motorcycles of California has revived the tradition with its stylish Terra Mostro—“Dirt Monster”—based on the stock Ducati 695 Monster. The biggest mods are a longer swingarm, long-travel suspension, and heavy-duty Excel Takasago rims. Engine power goes up, but gearing is lowered to suit on- and off-road antics. The cost? $16,590.

  • Amph

    Holy crap! – now I’m going to have to pack my Monster onto a ship and take it Cali for the ‘Terra Monstro’ treatment. Damn that looks fun!

  • that thing is so cool. There is a guy who has one on the adventure rider forum and he’s taken on some pretty crazy stuff.

    While I’d love to have one of those I think something more purpose built and engineered like a BMW f650GS, KTM or similar may be a little better.

  • Jack

    I hate it when I come up with an idea and someone else does it first. This is what the Mutistrada should look like. Love it Love it !