Dustin Humphrey

Insight Dopamine campaign by Dustin HumphreyMost fashion photography featuring motorcycles is a clichéd rehash of the whole biker chick thing. But this ad campaign, shot in Bali for Australian clothing label Insight, is genuinely creative. The man behind the camera is star surf photographer Dustin Humphrey: he’s conjured up a set of technically brilliant and strangely compelling images, redolent of the pre-WWII surf counterculture. There’s a video to go with the campaign too, and it’s even weirder. In a good way.

  • http://chessiestales.blogspot.com/ Chessie

    This is remarkable. Great mind to come up with it. Although, I wouldn’t know they were selling clothing or surfing stuff….

  • jCarlos

    Great photography, but I think that he should try to take the picture with the girl in the motorcycle without the oxygen tank.

    • http://www.chrishunter.com.au admin

      She may have a little trouble breathing then!

  • http://www.theglossy.com The Glossy Ed.

    Ha! Thanks for the link. Alright yours is much more innovative… but I suppose I was focused on the clothes and not so much the bike;) Cheers.

    • http://www.chrishunter.com.au admin

      Fair enough! I think it’s a shame Vogue or Testino didn’t look beyond the clothes: whoever art directed that should have been shot. Love your site by the way, some very interesting stuff there. Cheers, Chris.