Ecosse Moto Works Heretic

Ecosse Moto Works
Since 2001, Ecosse has positioned itself as the premier US motorcycle maker. Its low-production roadsters are undeniably exclusive, and the Heretic is its mainstay model. Personalization is virtually unlimited around the whole motorcycle, from the choice of chassis color and riding position to three different rear suspension modes and twelve foot control layouts. Power, however, is fixed. It comes from a 120 cu. in. V twin, rated at 130 bhp to the rear wheel. The Heretic starts at $74,800, and Ecosse can build one for you in 60 to 120 days. Tempted?

  • kc!

    Is it just me or do those bikes look like clown cycles from this angle!? And besides, is anyone prepared to spend that kind of cash for a motorcycle these days?

  • awesome ecosse.

  • Bob

    Ugly and overpriced. The components and craftsmanship are impeccable, but this doesn’t mean much when the end result is so overdone it is hard to look at….

  • Overdone….that’s the key phrase here. The overall concept is cool, but my god, must every single detail shout out for attention? Gold, red, carbon fiber, billet, orange… eye isn’t drawn to any of the details because the detail next door just caught my attention. I’d be more interested if the bike whispered to “come over hear and spend some time getting to know me”, rather than shouting “hey, I’m over here! Look at me!”

  • Kevin

    its a ghetto gang bangers bike .. lots of flash .. lots of money … lots of ugly

  • The EMD, maybe all in black and gold …. better.

  • Dante

    I think it looks cool. Streetfighter cruiser. A cruising bike that doesn’t handle like a pig. What a concept.

  • Sen

    I think it’s hot as hell.. especially the left colour combo.. and tube frames in general make me weak at the knees.. the price is irrelevant, if you can afford it you can afford it, if not (like me) you just enjoy perving on it.. people don’t whinge about Ferrari’s being too expensive.. they just buy, or perve on the ones that someone else bought.

  • A. Smith

    What ever happened to just loving motorcycles? I think these bikes are pretty sweet, extreme but sweet. And as far as paying the price, when a car from 1965 can go for more than $500,000.00 at auction, 80,000.00 wont make anyone blink, providing the cash is at hand.