The Enron Motorcycles

Enron's Confederate motorcycle 'office decorations'
The story of Enron is one of fast money and high living. So it’s no surprise that motorcycles were involved too. The four Confederate Hellcats you see above are owned by Brandon, one of our US readers—who hastens to add that he was never an employee of the company. The two bikes on the right are year 2000 models bought by Enron Broadband Services to be used as decorations in their Houston HQ. The tanks and fenders were custom painted with Enron branding, one of the speedometers is in kbps rather than mph, and logos adorn the engine cases and carburetors. After the bust, Brandon bought these bikes. He was then approached by Ken Rice, the former Chief Executive of EBS, who offered to sell Brandon his own personal 1999 model Hellcat. That’s the red bike second from left. It’s thought that only around 175 first-generation Hellcats were made before Confederate went bankrupt in 2002. Brandon himself built the black machine with the carbon fiber tank on the far left: many Confederate parts were sold off at auction. “I purchased a frame and then spent five years assembling the bike,” says Brandon. Ken Rice was convicted of securities fraud in 2004.