eROCKIT hybrid motorcycle

eROCKIT hybrid electric motorcycle
Is there room for a vehicle like the eROCKIT in the future of motorcycling? BusinessWeek thinks so, explaining: “The driver’s pedaling motions charge the batteries and control the motor, which multiplies the rider’s effort by a factor of 50. The faster you pedal, the faster the 12 horsepower electric motor rotates. The high torque of the electric motor enables spectacular acceleration.” If you don’t pedal, the eROCKIT will not move. But when you do pedal, top speed is 80 kph (50 mph). We’re not taken with the awful techno-moped styling, but we do like the claim—cue Brüno accent—that riders are left with a “feeling of possessing unnatural powers”. The man behind this contraption is German Stefan Gulas, who is planning a limited series of ten production bikes before the end of 2009. Next step is to find a partner for large-scale production. Any takers with large kugelsacks? [Thanks to Max Lecointe.]

  • viv

    Could it be more ugly? could you make it more ugly? even if you tried really really hard?

    • Razor MX350

      I think, it is just a creative design. It is ugly if we compare it to super bike but for a hybrid, the design is just wise,

  • perro

    ugly? r u serious? its beautiful! i want it! i really, really want it!
    how much? where is it?

  • s0crates82

    checked the FAQ on the site, and they’re making 10, for E28,500. That’s a lot of scratch. Cool toy, I’d seriously love to have one, but that’s way too much money.

  • pg

    If you are interested in electric assist bikes, check out Surly’s Big Dummy + Stokemonkey:

  • JS

    Clever, but there are millons of eCycles in asia where you can pedal to assist the electric motor. Is this really that different…other than it has grown large??

  • doubleoh2

    From a bicyclist/motorcyclist’s perspective, this is hot. But I can never comprehend the lack of attention to details with these concepts. Like, why have a $2 saddle on there when you could have a Brooks sprung leather saddle? Especially for that kind of money??? And DMR v12 pedals? Gold Answer Pro Taper bars???

  • mingh

    @ doubleoh2:

    I guess that’s a matter of economics. Penny wise and pound stupid though.
    I like your list, and would add Middleburn cranks, Thomson stem and seatpost, New Saint brakes, and please mister Gulas, could you swap the forks for some Fox or Bos singlecrowns, fitted with Chris King’s finest.

  • Bornloser

    I absolutely love it!

  • MarkinUK

    Has anyone checked the price tag? 28,900 EURO….Can’t see me purchasing one for sometime yet. Still it’s a wonderful bit of engineering.

  • DanBE

    @ doubleoh2 – putting a Brooks saddle on this thing is like putting a Windsor chair on the space shuttle. It would look totally out of place.

  • DoubleOhTwo

    Not from where I’m sitting, those grills around the drivetrain and behind the front wheel look positively nostalgic, as does the tail light. The grey fuselage looks like it’s begging for either a BMW-esque or hotrod style pinstriping. A bit of leather would give it a wonderful bit of contrast between old and new.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d draw the line at leather tassles on the handlebars.

  • SpeedyElectric

    I would rather have an Osiris Interceptor.

  • coho

    A leather saddle, a little brass here, some copper over there…very electro-steampunk.

  • popmonkey

    what a cool looking machine – but that’s a silly price. you can have a true electric moto for US$8K

  • eric silverman

    it’s beautiful!