Exile Cycles Streetfighter

Exile Cycles Streetfighter
Is this the bargain of the year? The Streetfighter is the bike Exile designed for Discovery’s Biker Build Off show in 2006. It caused a storm at the time, and with good reason: apart from the muscular looks, it’s a technological tour de force. (Check the use of carbon fiber, including the wheels, fender, gas tank, bodywork and even the muffler.) The engine is a high-output JIMS 120″, housed in Exile’s own RX rubber-mount swingarm frame. This motorcycle is now for sale, and its price has dropped from $65,000 to a non-negotiable $35,000. That’s the sticker on an Ultra Classic Electra Glide, but it gets you a one-off that will blow an XR1200 into the weeds.

  • JR

    How about … screw the high tech carbon fiber and sell the thing for under 15 grand. I’d take one then.

  • Agreed. Replace the Carbon Fiber for something more affordable and sell a ton of these.

  • Sen

    My life dream is to own an exile bike, and this is high up on the list.. but gotta argue with the “one-off” statement.. they’re mass produced by Exile now.. (well, as mass-produced as any exile bike)..

  • themark

    The carbon is the only exotic thing about this bike. The sheer brutal ugliness of it is staggering. Nothing anyone with a chopsaw and a can of black spray paint couldn’t duplicate in a drunken afternoon. Exile has put together some nice rides in the past, but this isn’t one of them.

  • Chris

    This is an old azz bike. Exile never made more then the one and thats on sale because no one will buy it. it was like 50k now they are selling it for 35k.

  • Have to say, it is a brilliant looking thing but you can pick up one of these http://www.zero-eng.com/t51.php for around 25k. So chuck a second hand KTM Superduke ontop and you have 35k. As for the carbon fiber, there is no way that boosts the price more than a couple of k.



  • Skylar

    Pay Russ Mitchell a dime? Hell no.

    Slash the price in half again and I’d still rather do my own.

  • The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines this bike as HIDEOUS!!!!

  • Personal Preference Rating: 8/10

    I know every bike should be unique. But I can’t get past certain personal principles. Kinda like how a roadster always has to be a 2 seater. Otherwise it is not a roadster. With bikes, like these, I like clear distinctions between a chopper and a streetfighter. Or a cruiser and a super sport. I like the meanest of this bike. All black. Stout mean tank. Simple wheel spokes. nice fat tire in the back. The engine looks strong and meaty. But the forks on this bike look too long to me. If you level this bike out a little, it looks a little less chopper and a little more angry. But I am not complaining. I still think this bike works. Especially for a short guy like me.

  • Ed

    Wow, even the muffler is carbon fiber! What will those Exile guys think of next?

    This is a turd of a bike. The real looks like crap and unfinished. The shocks actually look like they may be longer then the swingarm! For $5k I could make a 883 sporty look better then this thing.

  • SoyBoySigh

    About the only thing that seems creative in all of these “celebrity” custom bikes, is the way the celebrity status of the builder comes from out of nowhere. However, to say Mr Mitchel is his own greatest creation would be a stretch. If only because he reeks of being created by a boy-band manager or more likely a professional image consultant. I mean, you seldom see the guy’s bikes without the man himself striking a pose. He’ll place a full page add in the bike rags, but is he advertizing the bike he put together last weekend, his tattooist, or his hairstylist? Maybe it’s cologne. The poster above was mostly right, a typical hurried drunken sawzall chop-job would produce a similar looking bike. But go to any mullet wearing backyard bike butcher, then take away the black spray paint and hacksaw and replace them with a mail order catalogue and somebody else picking up the tab, and this is exactly the bike you would get. Thirty five years ago, it was airbrushed skulls, musclemen with swords. For a while it was chromed billet bits that fit right out of the box. Now black is the new chrome. Still, it’s nice to see how far cruiser bikes have come in that time, performance wise. On that note, carbon fiber is not “technology”. Used where it’s supposed to be, it’s indicative of CAD type technology being used as a design tool in order to reduce curb weight. One could better put the money toward that end, in buying some die grinder bits for “trimming the fat” from beefcake such as this. People talk of a “bike on steroids”. Looking at what steroids do to actual physical performace, as opposed to physical appearance, the term is too often appropriate.

    What’s totally “ass” about these bikes we keep seeing that have nothing behind the seat? The rider’s ass hanging off the back of the thing, looking like he’s humping the thing. (And for a price like what’s asked for this one, I should think the bike ought to have appropriate orifices to make it worthwhile.) I had thought that nothing could look more ass-inine than a typical streetfighter, with one of those “fender eliminator” tailpieces pointing skyward as though it were some sort of oversized executive paperweight slash undersized public sculpture of the minimalist school, crammed into the rider’s back passage; I guess I was wrong.