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As regular readers will know, I’m not a fan of show bikes. But every now and then you get one that’s so over the top, it’s worth featuring just for the hell of it. This is one such bike, and its full title is “H&R Erbacher The One”. That means it’s sponsored by suspension specialist H&R Special Springs and it’s built by Swiss drag racing legend Urs Erbacher, who runs the Fat Attack custom shop. Erbacher’s custom bike business pays for his drag racing exploits: he’s used to building (and driving) 8,000hp top fuel monsters that can accelerate from 0-100mph in less than a second. And he clocks the quarter mile in less than five seconds—pulling up to 5Gs in the process. So it’s surprising that The One has a relatively mundane Harley-Davidson engine putting out just 110bhp. Apparently, this is to allow the motor to be serviced at any Harley-Davidson workshop.

Making up for this lack of mumbo is a light kerb weight: The One is crafted from titanium, aluminum, carbon and aircraft steel. Erbacher claims a saving of 60kg (130lbs) from using these materials, but doesn’t quote the final weight of the bike.

“The One” is so new it doesn’t appear to be featured on the Fat Attack website, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of it as it does the rounds of the shows. And if you’re interested, Fat Attack will build one for you. The price is 110,000 Euros, or US$145,000. Any takers?

Fat Attack
Fat Attack
Fat Attack

  • you knew this post was coming, chris. if not from me, then from others.

    i’ve seen this look a thousand times in the past 12 years. i loved it when marcus walz first designed frames and bikes like this. when i first saw one of his bikes i thought it was the coolest thing ever. but it’s grown old.

    and 145k? don’t make me continue…

    + + +

    got your calendar yesterday. thanks! it looks phenomenal and the first thing i did was open it to october (my birthday) to see that you had the best bike ever there! i’ve gotten to know frank a little and couldn’t be happier for him. gorgeous design.

  • while i agree with trent (even the graphic & font on the tank was copied), i’m glad i read about 0-100 in less than a second. ‘Stop’ and think about that for a…second.

  • I like the finish and details. That matt black and carbon…

  • KIK

    seen it before, dont really like it, good bye


    I hate this bike and everything it stands for. Good post though. Keeps things in perspective and makes me appreciate the classics all the more.

  • Steve

    Hell, I’d ride that bitch!

  • Allen

    Just as Raquel Welch can still makes a mans heart skip a beat, this look will always be cool. I can’t think of any nay sayers refusing to cruise on down the road on this if given the chance.

  • mack-o-matik

    I don’t like dumb full automatic guns, I prefer a nice, sharp knife. Waste of bytes here. But the calendar’s a blast!

  • Robl

    There’s something nice to say about most bikes.

    This was always a great style; that it’s been done many times is no more a negative than cafe racers that have many clones.

    As far as popular/trendy styles go, this at least is one that rides well and is not a “flopper”.

    Love the exotic materials, but that’s a price tag which pretty much says “bike built for publicity and not really for sale”.

  • Allen

    Well said Robl, but I think this bike coud be done at an affordable cost and it would make a nice Saturday cruiser. It may lose some of its charm in the remaking, but I think it would still be a fine steed.

  • joe momma

    …it’s the “one”……seventh son of a seventh son???…..???….what is the left side ugly…..once again the pix leaf me wanting……??perhaps some standard lineup shots like the cops use…….you show me the girl’s wrist and from that i make judgement…..??

  • vernon marsh

    Very nice looking show piece. Is it a hard tail? Can’t see how it would have room for suspension travel in the back. I only ask because it’s sponsored by suspension specialists. Wish I could see the left side. Like the pipes.

  • Nice looking show piece if a bit uninspired. Wish I could see the left side as I am curious about the rear suspension which seems to have very little room for travel. Like the pipes, the tank, the air cleaner, and the finish.

  • Harry Farquhar

    It actually looks pretty bitchin’ reminds me of a drag bike plus it’s black on black with more black just for good measure. And it has great brakes and real mufflers. Does it have air suspension or is that as high as she goes?

  • Kerry

    If this were April 1st, I’d get the joke, but I absolutely hate this bike. You can make a wastebasket out of titanium but it’s still a receptacle for garbage.

    And I also hate that it showed up here. Cyril Huze blog, maybe, but not here.

  • Mattjr

    I might be mistaken, but it looks like this thing is a hard tail with about 2 inches travel in the front suspension.. and the project was sponsored by a suspension specialist?? The word irony springs to mind!

    (forgive the lame, un-intended pun).


    Where have I seen this bike before? Oh yeah:

  • Always_go_big

    I may not love every meal my favourite chef dishes up but he’s still the “favourite” and has got the goods.

    Same goes for this number, Bike EXIF, you’ve got the goods even if today’s didn’t whet my appetite.

    Keep ’em comming.

  • Leston

    looks like the bikes built by hardcore choppers…..not worth $145k

  • KIK

    on second thought i would do burn outs and go bar hopping on this bike, it just lends itself to it,.,oh, and sell it for bail money..

  • Ken

    How can you reach the foot controls and the bars? I certainly am not built that way. I like (like another poster says) that it has mufflers and good brakes (things that ‘normal’ Harleys don’t have), and it is eye-catching, but I’ll bet that you can’t ride it. With 130 pounds lost, it probably still weighs 600#…

  • Peter B


  • Leston

    current post on cyril’s blog…

    very similar

  • micah

    My girlfriend has an excellent quote for just such an occasion, and I find myself borrowing it all too frequently: “Trying too hard.” When you want a machine of this type, you need to ask yourself some questions and determine what is really missing from your life. I always enjoy it when I see a hot woman driving a shit box, because I know she has self confidence; and would expect the opposite to be true as well. But hey, there is no good without bad.

  • iRivas

    Looks just like a Walz styled bike. Nothing original here. I’d still take one, (if someone gave it to me)

  • dan


  • Mingh

    on the plus
    -excellent build quality
    -more or less rideable. Can’t imagine it to be an all day long cruiser ride, but at least it has brakes, forks that may work and a saddle
    -on the internet it may look old and passé, i reckon in the street it would still work.
    on the minus
    -horible wheels
    -seat too low. A higher seat would support the flow of the tank.
    -ridiculously large tires
    -why using all those exotic materials to lighten up what’s stoopidly heavy to start with.

    but for that price tag, i guess takers are queueing up in rows of four

  • Zoran

    Gives me exactly the same feeling as when I look at one of those one-in-a-million new stock bikes in a showroom, nothing.

  • Lew

    For Sale: 2010 H&R Erbacher The One,

    Seller’s Name: Jay Leno
    Mileage from New: 000073
    Reason for selling: Not enough space between Lambo and OCC chopper since I bought the Koenigsegg.
    Contact: 818-840-4444 Ask or Jay’s PA!


  • willie

    This is why I continue to visit this site, all kinds of customs appear in the posts. I love this bike as it deals with the new school chopper/custom deal, but throws in a little hardcore nature. Awesome brakes, very slick drop seat frame and a good match of all details. For those who don’t build bikes like this or buy deus ex customs, making things hard to ride and gnarly is part of the fun, otherwise we’d all ride hondas.

    This also shows why I dont like to read the comments, unfortunately a lot of readers seem to be self loathing douche bags who think if its not drum brake or made before 1990 its not “COOL MAD WAY HOT OMG CBxx YAMMY TWIN”.

  • Scott Brough

    It’s a drag bike, carbon fiber and flat black. There is nothing really that original about this creation. But let’s not forget the coolness of it with it’s crazy acceleration and power. I think anyone would love to have one of these in their garage. In my case it would make my neighbors really, really afraid of me because they don’t even know what a drag bike is. They would only see me riding a rediculously powerful-looking machine which they couldn’t comprehend. It looks like a lot of fun to me.

  • RobL

    Looking more closely at the second pic, am I seeing a phantom hardtail? Looks like the rear wheel might move, it’s possibly on lowered airbags.

    More detail would be great, surprised that Erbacher has no detail on the website yet.

  • el vencejo

    All that exotic stuff with a low output heavyweight motor?

  • xraytoken

    Good lookin’ bike. Lotta nice details on it.

  • Mule

    Looks pretty wicked! The color treatment and detail work would carry over very nicely to a usable bike that would really be a knock-out streetbike. Why can’t builders put this much effort in roadster type bikes? Why does it always have to be off in chopper-land.

    As a builder, one thing really bugged me. A zip-tie holding the brake line under the motor. Absolutely unaccepatable on a bike that sells for $145K.

  • Lew

    What’s with some of these fascist people commenting on here? Some people like some kinds of bikes, others don’t. You can’t force other people to like a certain type of bike just because you do. If you like bikes like this that’s fine, enjoy yourself.

    Personally I don’t like this kind of bike. IMO most people who like it are much more into the image of riding rather than real riding. I also can’t imagine why anyone would never want to own a bike like this due to its ground clearance and riding position issues. Yes sorry, I do like plain vanilla simple Honda, Guzzi, Triumph tasteful restorations and mods from the 60s-90s with good photography, which is what this site is mostly based on to begin with.

  • Justin

    After the initial take, I had similar thoughts to Ken, how the hell do you ride the thing? Sure, I can still touch my toes, but I don’t want to ride down the road like that. I’d need some 3′ rear-sets if I wanted to farther than around the block

  • Harry Farquhar

    Didn’t Roger Bourget make this same bike before anybody else? Hey Mule maybe the retail version doesn’t use zip ties and why don’t you post some pictures of one of your builds.

  • mule

    Harry F, just go to my website,
    There’s hundreds of pictures there.

    And yes, Bourget’s bikes are close and the bike here looks like an exact copy of the German “Hardcore” builds. But I like those too.

  • at the risk of opening another can of worms… here is a clip which shows the airbag suspension, ride position etc… and yes it is an advert that is openly targeting white dudes with too much money etc etc… but what about the bike???

  • Ken

    Attacking the person instead of their opinions is a sure sign of someone who hasn’t got the intellect to structure an argument. We are commenting on somebody’s motorcycle here, nothing more.

  • Harry Farquhar

    Mule if you are Richard Pollock then I am a jackass and any of the bikes at would be a worthy addition to this site.

  • Ben

    Ha Ha! I’ve always found it funny that people rag on Mule’s comments oblivious of who he is, and what he’s done. Cat’s out of the bag now!

  • Mule

    HarryF, No problem! You and I are probably more alike than different. Glad you like the bikes! Including the MV here! :-)

  • MIKE

    I would take one of Mr. Pollock’s bikes in a second with or without a zip tie.

  • RobL

    Why hate the zip tie? That’s high-tech!

    “Cross-threading… stronger than loc-tite.”

  • Mule

    I beleive it was a “Screw it! Lets just wrap a zip-tie on it. Nobody’s gonna see it anyway” moment. Then the photog squats down and exposes this moment!!

    I know what goes into a bike build and I try to view it from the buyer’s perspective. $145K would buy a GT40 Ford or just about any used Ferrari or absolutely any collector bike on earth, no matter how perfect.

    Yes, I use zip-ties sparringly, but I don’t get $145K either. I think at $50K, no more ties should be allowed. :-)