Frank Scherschel

Motorcycle Race, FloridaGoogle’s archive of Life images is a treasure trove for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. This evocative shot of a Florida motorcycle race comes from renowned Life regular Frank Scherschel, who retired in 1972 to opened a camera store in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Does anyone know what bike this is, or the history of the Florida beach races?

  • Dan

    I’m no expert on the matter but the bike looks like a WL Harley. The Jockey Journal posted a video of the Daytona Beach Races the other day.

  • misteradiant

    you’re right, dan. it is a harley. the tank and springer front end give it away. it’s slightly bobbed (fenders, headlamp).

    i can’t quite tell what motor is in it, though. either a knucklehead or a flathead. it could be from 45 c.i. to 74, and even up to 80 cubes, depending on many variables from the year it was made to the fact that it was a racer and might have been bored out a bit.

    additionally, it looks like it’s got a jockey shift as well.

  • rodolfo

    it is a flathead!!!
    it is strange.. the helmet and the tank have the same colour…
    looks like a non vintage photo…

  • Charlie Stanps


    Poster 74$