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Gas Gas EC 450 Desert

Gas Gas EC 450
A new enduro model from Spanish manufacturer Gas Gas is attracting interest, with a curious absence of information fanning the flames of curiosity.

Details are remarkably scarce on this striking-looking machine; after a brief appearance on Gas Gas’ US website, was it was quietly removed. From piecing together information from sources scattered around the interwebs, it looks like the ‘EC 450 Desert’ is a limited edition bike built to special order. According to US dealer Lynburg Choppers, it’s scheduled to be available in the States in Feb 2010 at a cost of $10,499 plus tax.

I suspect that the odd Dakar-style fairing plays a part in all this: there’s a touch of the Windjammer look in there, but to my eyes it’s aesthetically far more successful than any of Craig Vetter’s oddball creations. The specs are good high-end enduro stuff, with a lofty seat height of 940 mm (37 inches) countered by a very low weight of 133 kg (293 lbs). So it won’t be too hard to control with a few degrees of lean at a stop light. The engine is a four-valve, four stroke thumper—no word on power output—driving through a six-speed ‘box.

If you’re planning a trip through the desert, this machine looks like a good bet—assuming you can lay your hands on one.