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GG Quadster

GG Quadster BMW-based four-wheeled motorcycle
I can’t work out whether this is cool or not. But I bet it’s a blast to ride. Grüter + Gut’s first model, the Quad, attracted a lot of press and was a hit with thrill-seekers in places such as Dubai—where the roads flow as smoothly as the oil from the wells. Now the Swiss manufacturer has released a big brother, the Quadster, with a similar F1-style chassis and side pods. At $65,000 it’s not cheap, but its footprint is larger than a Smart car, so you could say you get your money’s worth. The engine and gearbox are stolen from the BMW K1200 sportsbike, and the Quadster can reportedly pull over a G in cornering force and clock 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Coming soon to a sand dune near you. [Via Gizmag.]

  • For $65 large I could fill my garage with an Ariel Atom, a Can Am Spyder, and a GSX-R600 and satiate all my four, three, and two-wheel desires. And almost have enough left over for an actual four-wheeler.

    Incidentally, the Atom can do 0-60 in 2.7, so color me unimpressed.

  • Tim

    Ditto what Basseq. This thing is the answer to a question no one asked.

  • carson

    dubai has no oil. thats why they have prostitution and fake islands. nice try though

  • Mingh

    the day i fall off my bike and lose my legs i may be interested.Bang for the buck it’s no winner either. you could buy quite some of the great bikes posted here in the last few months.

  • Kyl3

    let’s see… low profile road tires, no suspension, pulls one G. This would be great for sand dunes.

  • – I’ve tested one in HUngary, it’s an impressive vehicle.

  • Scott

    How is this a “bike” again?

    • Okay guys, judging by the comments here (and the emails I’ve received too), this sort of thing is NOT what you want to see on Bike EXIF. Rest assured that it won’t happen again, and normal service will be resumed.

  • Carson

    I actually don’t mind posts featuring weird/unusual motorcycles that aren’t necessarily the usual bike exif fare. I mean, this thing is kind of an abomination, but I do like seeing experiments people make with engineering and design; regardless of whether or not the end result is very successful.

  • Tim

    Yes, don’t take the criticism as negative feedback to the site. The vehicle is interesting and I am sure a blast to ride, but that price is crazy for what you end up getting.

  • Ditto Tim and Carson. While the “motorcycle” tag is questionable for a vehicle with four wheels, it’s most certainly an interesting “custom” job. Just don’t confuse a panning of the vehicle for a panning of it’s inclusion here.

  • Pittbull

    it’s a good way of keeping us with blown off legs and or arms in the loop , with our faces in the wind , no longer able to do two wheels , so cut us some slack , we disabled riders still want a taist of freedom , if going along these lines is the only way so be it .

    May well cost an arm and a leg ( no pun intended ) , just prey you don’t come un stuck , and stay in one piece ,just because we are crippled , does not mean to say we are still not motorcyclists at heart