Ghezzi-Brian Sport Monza 1000

Ghezzi-Brian Sport Monza 1000
Moto Guzzi’s big V11 roadster had something of a bad start, suffering build quality and reliability problems when launched in 1999. Two years later, Aprilia took over Moto Guzzi, and the V11 improved—along with the fortunes of the Mandello del Lario factory. Build quality jumped and new models were released, and later V11s became bikes to treasure rather than avoid. The ultimate V11, however, is one that’s spent a little time in the workshop of Guzzi performance specialists Ghezzi-Brian. The oddly-named Italian tuner now offers various stages of enhancement for the V11, starting with the aesthetics: for €5240 (US$7,600), you get a new fairing, tank, seat, belly pan and frame modifications. If you want it, a race-style digital dashboard can be yours too. But the real action starts with the mechanicals (as you might expect from the developer of Guzzi’s MGS-01 racebike). You can add Paioli forks at the front, an Öhlins monoshock at the back, and eccentric steering bearings that reduce the rake by 1º for even sharper handling. Exhaust mods can knock off several kilograms of weight, and boost output of the stock 91bhp V-twin by 4 hp. But if you give your engine to Ghezzi-Brian, 108 bhp is within easy reach—and no doubt more, if your wallet can take it. [Thanks to Ben Phillips and Stuart Bowey.]

  • macfly

    wow, now that is simply stunning, I’ve always liked Guzzis in the old days, but have never been able to get past their more modern styling, however like the MGS-01, this is an absolute gem!

  • bob

    You see lots of bikes on this site, some really nice, some eh…., some total misses… and every now and then you see one that makes your heart skip a beat…


  • robweeve
  • netalex

    Just a precisation: ghezzi-brian is not the manifacturer’s name: it’s Ghezzi AND Brian, and as you can guess, it’s the two surname of two different people…