The Golden Motorcycle

"Australian Jesus and the Golden Motorcycle" by Reg Mombassa
By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn. Firstly, Merry Christmas! I guess you’re wondering why a painting is being featured on Bike EXIF, and what the link to Christmas is. The painting is by Reg Mombassa and it’s called ‘Australian Jesus and the Golden Motorcycle’. Mombassa became famous through his work for the surf clothing label Mambo, which was started by the part-owner of top custom shop Deus Ex Machina, Dare Jennings. And this particular artwork was featured in an exhibition here in Sydney celebrating the motorcycle, called ‘Born to be Wild’. The exhibition celebrated the machine in Australian culture with a display of motorcycles, memorabilia and Australian motorcycle art. There were bikes built in America, England, Japan and Australia, chosen mainly for their aesthetic design. The star of the line-up was ‘Daisy’, a 1933 Rudge/JAP speedway bike to celebrate Australia’s invention of dirt track racing. (Yes, Australia held the first recorded dirt track speedway race). Also in the show was a 1942 BSA, representing the motorcycle’s induction into war service, and my personal favourite, a 1977 Harley Davidson XLCR Cafe Racer—showing Milwaukee’s decision to enter a brave new world … briefly. With so many motorcycle connections, I thought this appropriately named picture was perfect for Christmas Day. Even though most Northern Hemisphere readers have probably placed their motorbikes into hibernation, and the scene in the painting doesn’t look much like a white Christmas. (Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re enjoying a hot summer—and the only ‘snow’ we encounter is at advertising parties!) See more of Reg Mombassa’s work under the ‘pictures’ tab on his website.

  • Moto

    I always thought Bike Exif was bit of force feeding info of the bikes which reminded me of government of South America. Or any other government you don’t like. I did not realized the writer in Pipe burn was going to be writing here. That is real treat for me. Because I enjoy pipe burn way a lot more than the bike Exif.

  • Moto

    Just let you know. I do enjoy Bike Exif. But for some reason, I liked pipe burn more. Hey, you can please everybody….

  • John Whittet

    I have no idea what Moto’s talking about. (Government of South America? Whaa?) But suffice to say, I’m jealous of you aussies and your inverted seasons.

  • hoyt

    John, I think “of” holds the same context as “…a government IN (or from) South America” in this sense.

    Good post – thanks for the history of a couple of topics.