Gravel Crew Yamaha SR500

Gravel Crew Yamaha SR500
The boys from Kuwana City have an eye for elegant understatement, as their latest SR500 custom shows. Gravel Crew built #60 for a Mr. Tutiko, but unfortunately there are no specs on the website. But we can see the foot controls have moved forward, the exhaust is an exercise in minimalism, and it’s nice to see a relatively functional front tire after the recent trend for oversized balloons. The overall effect is sleek, discreet and timeless, and is unlikely to date any time soon. Now, where shall we put that license plate? [Like it? Check out the Gravel Crew Kawasaki 250TR we featured earlier this year.]

  • JR

    What are those tires like on the street? Because they look great.

    • I wouldn’t corner it hard in the wet … even conventional Metzler Lasertecs with a ‘classic’ tread pattern aren’t too good on slippery roads.

      A great source of vintage motorbike tire inspiration is Coker, by the way.

  • Jeff T.

    Love the old school look and simplicity. Would love to have/build one of these.