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Suzuki GSX-R750 custom

Suzuki GSX-R750 streetfighter custom
We’ve had a run of retro motorcycles recently, and I’ve had a few subtle hints via email that a more modern machine would be welcome. So here’s a gixxer for you. This bike started as a brand new 2004 Suzuki GSX-R 750 that Joshua Hofhine bought new. “I had been riding old Triumphs and Suzukis for a few years, and this was my first new bike. After six months I was doing a track day at Willow Springs when the engine let go: turns out the oil pickup was clogged, and the top of the engine was dry as a bone.”

The bike was stored for a couple years and Hofhine sold off most of the stock parts. “Eventually I was left with just a frame and swingarm hanging from the rafters in my garage!” Then eighteen months ago, Hofhine picked up an engine from a friend at Yoshimura. “I decided to build a modern take on a cafe racer, because that’s always been my favorite genre.” Hofhine inherited a love of building bikes from his father, who used to restore 60s British iron. And growing up in Southern California meant he was also influenced by hot rods: evidence of this can be seen in the paintwork done by Concept Five.

The suspension on #44 is mostly stock—and so is the engine, apart from a BMC filter, a Power Commander, and the carbon fiber Termignoni muffler, chopped down to ten inches. The headlight is from a Harley V-Rod, and the race tail was made by Catalyst. That cool overflow bottle? It’s fashioned out of a spun aluminum water bottle. Hofhine Snr would approve. [With thanks to photographer Peter Lombardi.]

  • thanks for the plug ;) this was such a rad bike, and joshua is one cool dude.


    This is a GSXR Naked not a Streetfighter.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the feature and to Peter for the great photos! I agree somewhat on the Streetfighter aspect. Check out my feature in the August (issue 186) issue of Streetfighters Magazine to read my feelings on the “genre” and where I feel the bike fits in.

    • Okay, good point – I’ve changed the title to ‘custom’ rather than ‘streetfighter’.

  • you know nothing sir this is a fighter i have known this bike for awhile now pure fighter sexiness check it out

  • that wiki page means nothing that is just something that someone wrote that does not mean that is a permanent final definition. spend most of my online time 95% on its my home and i can assure you this is a fighter.

  • BigBuddha76

    excellent streetfighter!

  • I’m a big fan of naked bikes (ride a Tuono), and this is a great custom. Who knew the GSXR looks so good without the plastic? I’m really a fan of the fluid lines; are they something special—they look almost molded—or just red?

    More images on Lombardi’s site:

  • Josh

    They are molded silicone hoses made by Samco

  • john, they’re red samco radiator hoses sexy bits

    glad you like the pics :)

  • you beat me to it josh haha

  • J

    not a streetfighter, my ass. Vicario, what do you have?


    It was not my intention to offend anybody. I like the motorcycle, am nice and made well but I believe that it does not fulfill the requirements to call streetfighter.
    I do not believe that an opinion said with respect has to bother anybody.
    My excuses.
    PD: Excuse my English

  • mingh

    who cares if it is a street fighter or not? What’s the point argueing over which little box it fits? Does it make it a better bike or even a better looking one?

  • Hank

    “Streetfighter” is one of the dumbest terms applied to motorcycles ever. Are you 15?

  • Adrian

    Don’t street fighters tradittionally have a straight / flat bar on risers mounted to the top tree…and one of those stupid / ugly looking German duckatals.

    This looks closer to a custom, although if he has chopped the Termi ,you could even call it a choppa.

    Whatever , it’s a nice looking bike anyway.

  • Josh

    I do love stripped down I-4’s
    Bravo, this is a beauty.

  • Josh

    Chopper? Ok…Look guys I never called the bike a streetfighter. Or a custom. Or anything else for that matter other than a BIKE. The whole debating what box it fits in is ridiculous to me, because I’m the only one it should matter to and IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME. I don’t need or believe in classifying things. I don’t care if my bike or myself fit neatly into anyone’s little categories. It’s just a bike, that I built, for me. Nobody else. I have a masters degree yet am covered in tattoos. Not exactly somebody that fits into a neat category and neither is my bike. It’s just a bike. Call it whatever you want, but to me it’s just a bike.

    And thanks for the compliments. Any further bickering about what category it fits into should now seem even more ridiculous. Carry on.

  • hahahaha i love “bikes” ;)

  • CK187

    It’s a shame when motorcycling enthusiasts come down to bickering about titles, sub categories and classifications. This bike is indeed custom and Jhoff did an excellent job with the execution of his style. My definition of a streetfighter…………..any custom motorcycle that goes against the norm or requires people to ask “What the hell is that thing?” This bike and it’s owner fit that description to a “T”.

    Sincerely CK (streetfighting for the masses since 1994)

    Carry on

  • swiftnet

    Nice bike, lots of attention to detail and the finished product has a nice flow. As to what category it belongs to: fighter, imo. All fighters are custom bikes. All custom bikes are not fighters. MX bars and germanic tails do not a fighter make. Fighters generally weigh less than the original platform, have enhanced performance and are mostly naked. Where ever you want to place the bike, it is nice and the builder should be commended.

  • Whether it’s a fighter or not, it’s a damn nice bike. There’s been a lot of fighters/customs lately coming along these lines.. naked sport bikes, clipons, single round headlight, single-seat tail.. I personally refer to them as Cafe-fighters, but a name is just a name, and at the end of the day, it’s still a hot custom sport bike :)


    It’s Not a custom, Nor a streetfighte, It’s a very cool naked racing. cut the tail section and be a fighter mi friend. this tail it´s so fat to be a real streetfighter.

  • Marlon

    Who cares what it is?

    Kickarse bit of kit.

  • Mattro

    Gorgeous bike, even to a vintage enthusiast like myself. Good to see this particular brand show up on Bike EXIF, by the way … I was beginning to think Suzuki was machina non grata around here. : )

  • Tahir Usman

    Excellent work!!

  • Matthew

    It’s a fighter :\ Build thread is on a Street fighter website.

  • i love the bike i love how you said the bike is for you and nobody else thats why you have a beautiful bike now because you made it to satisfy you and nobody else just forget everybody else you made a beautiful machine good work bro

  • keep up the good work and make more bro you could start a business

  • Wow. I love this bike. Only thing I would have liked to see is the two smaller round headlights instead of the one big one but that is not a big deal. I think this bike is killer.

  • RiDG

    How exactly did you mount your speedo?