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Hagon Jawa

Hagon Jawa grass track racer
Alf Hagon won the British grass-track championship an extraordinary eleven times. After starting with Rudge, Matchless and JAP machinery, he started building his own motorbikes in East London. Hagon racers were exported worldwide, and won countless trophies. This elegant bike is probably from 1979, and is fitted with a Jawa DT500 four-valve engine. (Hagon later took to drag racing, and in 1967 became the first UK rider to break the ten-second barrier. But that’s a story for another time.)

  • I Love Jawa Speedways Those are the only race bikes that look like time didnt change them over the years…. still the same!

  • Norman

    I use the DT500 engine for drag racing … really good engineering.