Hide 883 Sportster

Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster
Over forty years ago, there was a television commercial that asked, “Have you ever wondered how the snow plow driver gets to work?” The answer was in a VW Beetle. In the same vein, I’ve often wondered what machines custom motorcycle designers choose. Well, this is the bike that Wakako Togashi, designer at Hide Motorcycle, rides to work every day. It’s based on a 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883R, and Wakako describes it as “very comfortable riding”. The concept is “Old racer and dirt tracker”, and Wakako has fitted a custom fuel tank, rear fender and leather seat. He’s also liberally sprinkled his Sportster with parts from the HideMo catalog, including new bars, an air cleaner cover and a tail lamp and license plate kit. Little details abound, including new turn signals, coils and even a new key cylinder, while the tires are the requisite classic-look Firestones. Exhaust duties are taken care of by a beefy 2-into-2 SuperTrapp muffler, and the whole shebang has been lowered for better handling. It’s a sharp lookin’ machine, but equally importantly for a commuter bike, it’s as reliable as a stock Harley. It might not get Wakako to work in the snow, but it’ll certainly stop the traffic.

Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster
Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster

  • Joelseph

    …and you couldn’t take off the passenger foot pegs?

  • SkipW

    Mmm? Not sure that they are passenger footrests, if they are, they’re incredibly high! On my old sporty, they used to be on the swing arm, so he must have moved them to that new position. I like the bike – looks like a real workhorse. I like bikes that look used, too many show-ponies around.

  • Swagger

    “….has been lowered for better handling……” (??)

    Umm, since when does reduced cornering clearance constitute an improvement in handling? Personally? I like being able to lean the bike over a good way before grounding out on hard parts…..but that’s just me.

    Aesthetically? Neato! I like the look overall, though there are lots of vintage looking tires that actually stick. Having lived in Tokyo, I imagine this bike really does get him laid…….

  • Mingh

    i’m looking, but don’t see anything special. By lack of anything to gauge the scale on this picture, it made me think of a suzuki vanvan.
    But who am i to judge. If seasoned insiders believe this can get you laid, i better stop watching blogs, and haul my ass over to tokyo

  • Greybeard

    Bit ‘o breezy quedge with those passenger pegs all the way up there!

    I think Swagger meant it gets him laid…while riding! ;)

    And “low” means “slow” where I ride unless your ride wears with the letters “AA”.

  • Sportster Cafe

    On Sportsters, if you lower the front end, by dropping the triple tree 1 to 2 inches, it quickens the steering up! Some raise the back up 2 3/4 inches, really to quick for most. Mine is only an inch and a half in the front, makes a big difference. I actually have less in my Sportster then when I started, just sold off all the chrome platted gold parts, and put aluminum and black cast off parts on! Tried to send photos to this sight, a real budget cafe, but he does not answer his email! Yahoo, has a group called Sportster_Cafe, see what the real 1% ride.

  • joe momma

    ….is of the “dirt squirt” genre……and yes it would be a swelll ice racer…..

  • Bald Shaun

    Good looking machine. And I’m not usually a Harley fan.

  • WillyP

    “it’s as reliable as a stock Harley”

    C’mon now, let’s not insult the guys bike! ;)

    “it’ll certainly stop the traffic.”

    damn, that tough… give the guy a break…

  • Tinman

    Willy p, You must be living in the 50s, I restore a lot of different bike brands and my late model Harley is better built than any of the others. Most certainly in the electronics package.