Harley-Davidson Iron 883

Harley is waking up to what everyone else knows. The future is not in bloated, leather-tasselled cruisers, it’s in messed-up, edgy, stripped-back designs. So here’s Milwaukee’s angle on the retro-modern trend: the Iron 883. It’s part of Harley’s “Dark Custom” range, and there’s more than a hint of the rat bike aesthetic in there. Harley’s fishing for a new audience—looking beyond the usual retired businessmen, tattooed Hell’s Angels-wannabes, and general rednecks. Good luck to them: we’d make space for an Iron 883 in the Bike EXIF garage.

  • Jason

    I am absolutely in love with this bike!

  • http://www.dgmphotography.net Daniel

    I have an Iron (my first Harley) and LOVE it… 1284mi on her in 3 weeks of around the house riding.

  • Mike

    I also bought an Iron 883 as my first H-D bike. I like the retro look and the lack of chrome. To me, the dark, flat paint job gives it a no non-sense, “industrial” look which I prefer personally to the pampered, glossy, colorful, chromed-out large dressers.

    Oh, and it handels like a dream.

  • Querchdawgz

    First HD bike as well and its F***ing sik and handles traffic (lane slicing) like a sport bike. The only possible negative is that the amount of optional (much needed! : ) upgrades you can do to it will burn a hole through your a$$ pocket faster than a thai hooker!!! But thats every Harley. Now go out and ride!!!!!!!

  • JimmyDee

    What a beautiful ride. I would LOVE to have something like that available in a 250cc. Nice, neat, trim. Very slick.

    Something serious, but good for guys who just don’t need the grunt. I live in Asia and with the insane stuff that people pull *regularly* on the roads around here, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere faster than 120 km/h. In my 40 minute commute, I usually get cut off between 8 and 15 times EACH WAY and I see people running red lights in front of me at least 6 times (with 29 intersections).

    Sweet bike tho.