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Leroy-Thompson Salt Flat Racer

Harley racer: Leroy-Thompson Salt Flat Racer
One of the most interesting motorcycles at last year’s AMD World Championship was the Leroy-Thompson Salt Flat Racer, built by Scott Webster. It attracted a lot of attention, but to everyone’s surprise, it didn’t register in the top 20 results. Why? We’ll never know. But it’s a bike that deserves closer inspection, because it’s not just an unusual concept for a mainstream US ‘chopper’ builder; it’s also packaging some interesting engineering. The motor is a Twin Cam 96 Harley running a gear-driven ProCharger B-1 supercharger, with a faceted intercooler to increase power even more. The official power output of the stock 1584 cc engine seems to be a closely guarded secret—Harley merely claims 93 ft. lbs. of torque—but the ProCharger kit will boost the presumably meagre horsepower of the stock motor by 50-65%, with a useful increase in torque as well. The front end is an inverted Mean Street item, and meaty Brembo brakes will haul the Salt Flat Racer to a standstill double-quick. Maybe that’s why this Harley racer didn’t win: it’s as much about the go as the show.

Harley racer
Harley racer

  • kim scholer

    Nice bike, but much more go than show. Hope it’ll do well on the salt, which is where it belongs.

  • Kozzy

    It’s too pretty – needs some salt rash.

  • 4Cammer

    That is sweet, from the Buell influenced brakes to the Halibrand type wheels. Wow.

  • Spoon

    Good. Very good.

  • Fleadip

    Cool headlight, anyone know where it came from? I want one.

  • That bike totally rocks. Seriously. Gorgeous artistic expression and power combo. Love the wheels.

  • WRXr

    Interesting primary cover.

  • Stunning bike, can’t believe it didn’t make the top 20!

  • Shawn

    To hell with show bike judges, this is my kind of bike. I think it looks first class.

  • alfredo chies

    Concuerdo con Larry. Esta moto tiene un diseño muy cuidado y una factura exquisita. Está muy lograda.

  • WillyP

    That headlight ruins it for me.

  • JerryB

    Gorgeous bike. Form and function. A toned-down street version (I really don’t need the supercharger) would be great.

  • Alan


  • Evo

    The wheels look great. The bike looks great!

  • Pamberjack

    Nice. Very nice.

    Though I gotta say, those rims are WAY too bling/hot wheels. In my eyes, they jar against idea of a salt racer and that sweet-looking taped exhaust.

    IMHO, something drawing inspiration from a car rim like these would really do the rest of the bike justice.

    My 2c worth.

  • Hugh

    I actually like the headlight too.

  • Thank to all!
    We actually make the headlight and the wheels in-house.

  • Lars

    very nice machine it graps the spirit of landspeedracing. But,and I say this with the upmost respect. Lookin like you can go fast on the salt and actually going fast on the salt are two different animals. some come and pertake get bit by the salt hope to see you their and this awesome work of art running down the saltflats