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Boneshaker Choppers

Harley Sportster custom by Boneshaker Choppers
The small but perfectly formed vintage v-twin scene in the UK has thrown up another gem. This time it’s the work of Benny Thomas, who runs Boneshaker Choppers in the Midlands. Benny built this bike to customer order; the understated, monochrome look is nicely set off by a handtooled leather seat and matching grips, and those accented wheel rims. The motor is from a 2003 Harley Sportster, upgraded to 1200 cc with Wiseco pistons.

It sits in a Flyrite Choppers Smokin’ Gun rigid frame, powdercoated satin black like the tank, and hooked up to stock Sportster forks that have been lowered two inches. Benny fitted a new, one-off wiring loom and electronic ignition, and restored the engine cases and chrome with Scotch-Brite, of all things. The distinctive wheels are Harley hubs laced to rims that have been powdercoated in an unusual but very apt shade of oatmeal, and fitted with chunky Firestone tires. It’s a good look, and not the first time Benny has done this: Knucklebuster has featured an earlier Boneshaker build, a lovely Zero-style panhead.

  • this is a really good looking simple and clean cruiser. i hate to say it, but i’m really digging this brutish cruiser from their site,

  • craig

    All this looks like is a exile cycle with a sportster engine.

  • Guz

    Interesting that it’s photographed in a puddle, because it would be impractical in the rain! I once lost a front mudguard on a rainy trip, so I know from experience that they are there for a reason!

    What is it with this ridiculous fashion of forgetting to fit the mudguards? It looks stupid (looks like the builder hasn’t quite finished yet), and is totally impractical if you actually intend to ride the thing any distance where it might rain. Or is that the point, a bike that’s not really meant to be ridden more than just down to the pub on a dry sunny day. Might as well leave the foot pegs off too.

  • David Enfield

    I don’t get it . Is this before , during , or after ? I can’t build bikes . I don’t know how . It’s just………… I don’t get it . All that work ………….