Hide custom Sportster

Harley Sportster custom motorcycle by HIDE of Japan
One of the few Japanese custom shops with an English-language translation website is Hide Motorcycle, also known as Hidemo. Since 2001, Hide has specialised in Harley custom motorcycles, and its latest venture is a range of Sportster conversions. (So new, in fact, that the product page is one of the few that have not yet been translated.) The machine above is Hide’s ‘Traditional Style’ bike, with new wheels, bodywork and engine ancillaries—plus that stunning restyled muffler. It’s a showcase for Hide’s mission to build bikes that are “rare, warm, natural and interesting”, reflecting old-style racing culture. Like most Japanese builders, there are a lot of ‘peanut’ tanks and ape bars in the Hide catalogue. But there are also a lot of customs that’ll have very strong appeal to western eyes, and many Hide bikes have won awards in the top Japanese and Western custom motorcycle shows. If you ever find yourself in Japan, factor in a visit to Hide’s factory in Kawasaki—it’s within easy reach of both Tokyo and Yokohama. [See more images of the Hide custom Sportster in the album on the Bike EXIF Facebook page.]

  • Nigel Nicholson

    I find the tires particularly appealing. I wonder what was changed from stock to fit those wheels?

  • econobiker

    Looks like warmed over flat tracker style including the muffler. The tires appear to be ’70s style Continentals on stock but painted wheels.

  • Builder

    Is there somewhere I can get some additional information on what modifications were done to this bike? Like Nigel, I wonder what size wheels those are, and what had to be done to fit them… Great effort and beautiful bike!

  • C.E. Redford

    They are 16″ rear and 19″ front. The front 19″ is acceptable for all slim glide sportsters in stock form. The 16″rear is stock on 2004+. Cn’t say for sure but tires look to be 130 and 150.

  • joe momma

    …..econobrainer is correct…..they have been dirt racing for…..i dunno…..80-90 years now……old chit maynard…….after all who wants a bike that looks fast???…??