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Alain Ghetti’s Hartere

Hatere: a custom that's half Harley WL, Half Terrot
The French Southsiders MC crew have a remarkably eclectic range of motorcycles in their stable, and this one is no exception. Alain Ghetti wanted to build a racer based on a Harley WL, but found the price of vintage parts a little too much. So he installed his engine into a Terrot frame extended by ten inches. The gas tank is from a Génial Lucifer, cut into two—with half for the oil and half for petrol. ‘Hartere‘ is a classic ‘bitsa’, but a beautiful one at that. [Thanks to Vincent Prat.]

  • YJH

    ah the old not-so-undercovered anti-French spirit still runs
    pas grave
    merci Chris

  • It looks very French. That is not a compliment.

  • It looks very French. That is not a compliment.


    Unique and one of a kind, but I can’t imagine it’s very pleasurable to ride.

  • It certainly does not look like a comfortable ride, but it does have a strangely attractive quality about it.

  • Marcio Castro

    What coincidence, thats my email adress. This is a 2 cities name, hartford-ct USA and Teresópolis-rj. Brazil. The place where i lived and the place where i was born…and i also love bikes and i love ride my bike. Congratulations, hartere is a nice one!!