Harley V-Rod Racing Sidecar

Harley V-Rod racing Dakar sidecar from Hog Wild Racing
I didn’t realise this machine was a Harley when I first spotted it. It’s the extraordinary creation of Hog Wild Racing, regular winners at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The custom chassis was originally built to fit a Suzuki TL1000R, but upgraded to accommodate a V-Rod engine in 2003. The stock belt has been converted to chain drive, and the motor pumps out 110bhp. The electronics and fuel injection systems are stock, but have been remapped. Wheels are custom-built 15” Keizers, with a 13” on the sidecar. The top speed is a whisker over 100mph and the bike, unbelievably, is road legal even in California. In 2006, Hog Wild entered their sidecar racer in the world’s toughest rally—the Dakar—and were leading their class when a sprocket broke, took too long to repair, and triggered disqualification. The full tough-luck story is detailed on Hog Wild’s blog.

  • Thomas Gohl

    There isnt any Harley in that monstrous thing, “v-rod” motor was I think a jap designed motor redesigned by Porche for HD, anything made by HD has to be made better by privateers for it to perform in the world class!

  • HogWild

    Harley designed the VR1000 road race motor, then evolved it into the V-Rod “Revolution” motor. The final touched were done by Porche under direction from HD. Japan had nothing to do with it, and the contribution by Porche was well done but not the major portion of the design effort. Harley did a GREAT job with the V-Rod and deserve credit for it. It is indeed a world class bike, designed by Harley-Davidson.

    Thanks Chris for featuring my bike!

  • Swagger

    …..still Hardley Ableto………

  • tim hanna

    The V Rod was evolved from the VR1000 race motor which was tweaked by the Californian company Flowmetrics. Gerry Branch gave drawings of the VR1000 head to John Britten who used them as the start point for the Britten V1000. Strange but true.

  • Chema Robles

    Its not correct, the Britten engine is older, Harley rented an Britten engine and out came the engine VR 1000, decaf and not enough genuine chance of being competitive, it’s a shame not to make better use of Britten; the motor V Rod is the result of the old former project with Porsche.

  • Tim Hanna

    Sorry Chema but you are wrong on all counts.
    1. The VR1000 motor was in development long before John built his own motor.The story about Flowmetrics is true.
    2.Harley never rented a Britten engine. They were given one to evaluate by Robert Ianucci who was for a while acting as John’s agent in the US.
    3.I have no idea what you mean about it being a shame about not making better use of the Britten.Do you mean Harley should have plagiarized it?
    4. As to the comment about it being ‘the old former project with Porsche’ – read the comments by Wild Hog above. He knows what he’s talking about.

  • Fleadip

    Geez, you let anyone post here. You all are making all of this up and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I was the quality control super on the VR project at HD. We designed, built, and rebuilt the engine all here at HD.

  • tim hanna

    Hey Fleadip – whats your problem? I totally agree with you and so did Hogwild.
    I am not making anything up. Everything I wrote above I learned before writing my book on John Britten.