Grand National First Edition

Harley-Davidson Grand National flat tracker by SHR
It’s not hard to build a flat tracker that performs well and looks good. But it’s tricky to make one that’s street legal too. SHR has shown the way with its Grand National Replica, a rip-roarin’ tribute to the Harley XR750. The spec sheet looks tempting: for starters: this motorcycle weighs 380 lbs and is running a 1200 cc, 105 hp Buell XB motor. That engine is wrapped in a custom TIG-welded 4130 cromoly frame, available in nickel, chrome or painted finishes. The other components are equally solid: the 19” wheels, controls and brakes are from Performance Machine, the bars from K&N, the muffler from Supertrapp and the rear mono shock is from Penske. SHR is a Minnesota outfit run by Bill Hofmeister, a former Canadian National Champion (Expert 750 Class) with 38 years of Pro class racing under his belt. So you can assume that this Harley is pretty well sorted. It’s a limited edition of just 25, and as SHR’s ads note, “It performs better than a 401K.” What would you rather put your money towards? [Image by Darrell Eager.]

  • now that looks like a lot of fun, a bit “blingy” for my personal taste, but nothing a painted frame, a set of WP 20 spokes, and some ceramic coating/exhaust wrap couldn’t fix ;)

  • hatch

    Love your blog … here’s my street legal flat-tracker. Hope the links work. Image Image Image

  • Gorgeous bike.

    P.S. I dig the shit out of Bike EXIF. Voted. Keep it up, and good luck.

  • Larry Cason

    You’re gonna paint a chromoly frame? Doh!

  • john maibauer

    bottom line im gonna buy one , drove a xr 1200 and could not wait to bring it back