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Harley XRTT Cafe Racer

Bill Nigro's Harley XRTT cafe racer motorcycle
To build a superb cafe racer like this you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but it helps. The builder of the XRTT Harley-Davidson cafe racer is Bill Nigro, and he holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

After graduation, he was keen to spend his life in the aviation industry—but after managing an airport for a year and a half, he realized that this stressful job was not for him. So he quit, turning to his true calling of working on motorcycles. And after 30 years, he’s never looked back. Bill is also the owner of American Motorcycle Parts (AMCP) and has a long history of building some very unique motorcycles.

Although he usually specializes in American-style choppers, it’s refreshing to see him build this amazing cafe racer. The powerful 1750cc XRTT is a true mongrel; a cross between American heart and soul, and classic British styling. Noticeable features include those prominent twin Supertrap mufflers, the retro-style orange tint fuel tank, the cafe single seat, spoked wheels and copious amounts of chrome.

Visit the AMCP site for more images of the XRTT and to see more creations by this legendary builder.

By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn.