Hercules W2000 rotary

Hercules W2000 motorcycle powered by a Wankel rotary engine
Think of rotary engines, and you probably think of Mazda. But in the 1970s, two companies put those silky-smooth Wankel rotary engines into motorcycles. One was Suzuki, with the RE5; the other was little-known Hercules of Nürnberg, Germany. The machine above is the rare Hercules W2000, powered by a single-rotor Sachs-made engine. The W2000 was produced in small numbers from 1974 to 1977, and when production finished, Norton used parts of the tooling to make its 1988 Commander. The motorcycle shown above is one of the few remaining W2000s on public display: you can see it in the Deutsche Zweirad- und NSU-Museum in Neckarsulm, on the site of the former NSU factory.

  • dejean

    theres one of these for sale NOW in belgium. No clue about price bracket.

    that said, next to the bikes mentioned there was also the immensely exclusive Van Veen wankel bike. the dutch sta

  • Greg

    According to this link


    around $17,000 will get you on this ‘Enthusiasts-Only’ ride! Would love to see the specs of the heart of this ’70s beast.

  • theperilousdude

    I am reading your blog since ages…and what must I see today??? The bike and museum is actually based in my hometown. Ha,ha…great.

  • steve

    the wankel on chrome classics was restored and it went for 17,000 i have an original unrestored 75 wankel no miles never had gas in tank, For sale at the right price

  • steve
  • Scott

    Looking to sell 2 W2000’s but don’t know what they are worth, any ideas where to start?