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Honda C70 Passport

Honda Passport C70
A good photographer can give even the most humble motorcycle a touch of glamour. And Joshua Hoffman‘s use of ringflash has made us look at the Honda C70 in a new light. The C70 was a grown-up version of the Honda Super Cub, with a little more power and a dizzying top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). The original C70 appeared in 1970, and ten years later, we were treated to the subtly upgraded Passport—available in Angel Blue and Parakeet Yellow. [See more Hoffman images on Flickr.]

  • Jim

    I have this bike its an 81 in parakeet yellow. I love it except that it doesn’t have a regulator so when a bulb burns out it causes a bunch of problems.

  • Schumacher Gerald

    Ich hab eine Honda C70 zu verkaufen von 1984

  • Davidfromcali

    I had one for years as my only transportation. Great mileage, dependable, fun. Rain or shine it was start and go. The only odd thing was having to rebuild the carb about every 6,000 miles. I think I got a dud carb but other than that it was a lot of fun and cheap to drive when I didn’t have a lot of money.
    An affordable classic.

  • yudis

    I have it one. I can modify it from other bikes. There are still many bikes like it in Indonesia.

  • Al

    I have an ’82 Passport, blue like in the picture. Had to ride it in the rain the past few days because my truck wouldn’t start. The bike gets more attention than any other vehicle in the parking lot at work.

  • Jim

    I have 2 Honda C70s. I think they are 74 models. I will be able to build one out of the parts that are good between the 2. 20 yrs. ago I resurrected them and had both of them running very well. One of my son’s used them from the time he was 10 until he was 14. This resulted in both of them being pretty well worn. I am looking for a set of brake shoes for one of these. If anyone has access to shoes that will fit a C70 please reply to this email.
    Jim Lewis