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Dime City Cycles CB450

Honda CB450 cafe racer by Dime City Cycles
Nearly forty years on, the Honda CB shows no sign of waning in popularity. CB-based café racers are two-a-penny, so it takes something special to get noticed—like this CB450 ‘Manx’ from Dime City Cycles of Largo, Florida. DCC has created three models based on the Honda CB450: the $9,995 ‘Sixty Five’ bobber, the $8,995 ‘Classic Café’ racer and now the $11,995 ‘Manx’ shown here. This particular Manx comes from a 1972 donor bike, and features a full complement of Dime City Cycles parts, including a fuel tank, race fairing and a new rear frame section. The engine has been rebuilt and tuned, and fitted with a Motofiaccone stainless exhaust with reverse cone mufflers. DCC is run by Jason Michaels and Herm Narciso; according to Michaels, “We build every bike together and collaborate on the entire process. Herm usually handles the raw mechanical side of things—engines, moving parts, suspension and such—along with timelines and milestones. I tend to fall into the design and fab category doing the concept designs, welding, and so on.” Part of the DCC appeal is the relaxed attitude. “We’re typically open from 5pm—11pm Monday through Friday,” they say. “And on the weekends we really don’t shut the roll-up door … Swing by the shop and grab a free cup of our soon-to-be world famous ‘motor-oil’ coffee. Hang out, read the paper, shoot the shit, check out the most recent issue of Garage or DicE magazine—whatever you feel like.” I like the sound of that. [Images by Paul Henry Harrington.]

Completely rebuilt engine w/ over-bore pistons, custom intake CAM, performance clutch, stainless steel valves, ported and polished head and ceramic coated top-end with hand etched and polished fins and lower casings
Completely refurbished electrical and charging system
Bespoke Motofiaccone stainless steel exhaust with reverse cone mufflers
DCC “Manx” CB450 fuel tank
DCC “Manx” front race fairing
Avon Road Master 100/90/19 front and 120 90/18 rear tires
Drilled front brake rotor & vented rear drum
Adjustable aluminum clip-ons w/ laser race grips
Frame mounted 7 position steering damper
Custom gauge cluster with 2.5″ chrome speedometer and tachometer
Refurbished & jetted Keihin carburetors w/ pod filters
DCC rearset and linkage system
DCC “Manx” rear frame section, fiberglass seat and race-ready shock relocation system
DCC CNC aluminum bar-end mirrors
DCC floating rear fender and shorty front fender
DCC spade tipped clutch and brake levers
Discrete retro styled blinkers
All stainless steel button head hardware

Honda CB450 cafe racer by Dime City Cycles
Honda CB450 cafe racer by Dime City Cycles
Honda CB450 cafe racer by Dime City Cycles

  • Woody

    And THIS is why everyone on craigslist wants 2 grand for their 30-year old bikes.

  • I’ve been doing Honda race cb450’s for 16 years and these guys are building some really great lightweight looking and clean cafe street bikes, with a lot of original ideas.

  • Chris

    I hate this… Nice looking bike sure but holy cow! $11,000. No thanks. Leave the budget bikes to the budget people. keep your expensive bikes. Id rather have a used Thruxton, and modify it my self for that money.

  • Chris

    I want to follow up by saying. I really do like that track bike. very sweet looking! they have done a nice job.

    But it reminds me of when Choppers went from 60’s-70’s budget bikes, to 100 grand plus exotics… Seriously just let the Honda’s, and the SX650’s etc. stay inexpensive bikes.

  • Nice looking bike but WAY too expensive…..

  • Buzz

    People can’t do that, someone like Billy Joel might not buy it if it’s to value priced. By the way, I’ve got a 79 CX500 Streetfighter/Seventies style for $1500 USD

  • WRXr

    I see some great looking bikes….

    …but I don’t see $10K.

  • I remember when a corvette was $3800 and now their $65,000 I wish they would stop making them, Now to top it all off they want 80.000 for a restored 58 corvette.

    Maybe someone like Billy Joel might buy one. nice looking, but WAY too expensive

    The bikes these guys build are quality bikes and all the parts plus all the time and labor that goes into them, some people build JUNK Quality costs $$, and if you cant afford it, why tell the world about…I would never rip a guy who restores old Ferrari’s by saying I would never pay that kind of money….if you liked it and had the money you would pay for it !

  • traveler

    if you just want a cheap, used, jap bike that will get you around town and back and forth to work and such, just get on craigs list and there will be no shortage of bikes to choose from for a few hundred dollars…but if you want to step back in time to an era where motorcycles were were motorcycles and men were men…a generation where they still wore leather helmets and raced like bats out of hadeez on dirt tracks with steel frames…crazy motherfuckers…you’d be better off coming off of the little extra cash and start shopping at Dime City…the boys at Dime City take pride in their work and they are making history into functionable, light weight machines that will move down the highways and byways with speed and style at the same time…staying true to the old 1920’s cafe racer style but adding their own unique up to date originality and engine-uity to create a master-pieces that are worth their weight in gold…or at least steel and aluminum combined with a priceless dedication to the timeless spirit of Freedom, Passion, and Speed that spawned the invention of these machines in the first place…
    Ride strong and travel light,

  • sly

    i’ve not only seen their work, i’ve ridden it. these are not elitist idiots making trailer queens for doctors…they have no desire to appeal to the same crowd that jesse james draws. their work is both honest and well-engineered. moreover, they have an appreciation for the history of british cafe racers and a true love of late 60’s/early 70’s hondas. yes, you can buy a neglected 40 year old bike for $500.00 – but to strip it bare, remove the tabs, powdercoat the frame, completely go through the engine replacing parts as necessary and polishing the cases,install all new head bearings, wheel bearings, brake shoes, tubes, tires, and update the electrics, revise/replace the suspension,paint, chrome, etc…that takes time and money. for those who have the time jason and herm sell the parts – and for those who have the money they make beautiful, complete bikes. by the way genius, what do you do for a living? do you do it for free? i didn’t think so. nevertheless, you obviously appreciate bikes or you wouldn’t be on this site – so what is your problem? you plan on buying all the late 60’s hondas and hording them? are herm and jason moving in on your territory? get a life pal – these guys love what they do and they are just as happy to share their love of riding over a free (on them) cup of joe as they are to sell you a head gasket for a ’69 450 – or a completely re-done cafe or bobber…they only have one rule: no drama – so, i guess you’ll have to build your own.

  • Buzz

    You know what Sly? it is jealousy, I’ll admit it. But the reason why the Honda works well is because it’s a Honda. Remade, re imagined, whatever. I’m glad for them, but no one I know has that kind of cash to buy a custom bike without getting a loan. Are they re-titled as late model bikes? Since they’re brand new, are they paying taxes as new? What kind of dealer network do they have? Don’t get pissed at people who don’t know who these guys are and don’t value thier bikes based on a couple of well shot pics. Those Honda redo’s from Japan were like $30K if an American bought one and brought it here. I bet Tim’s Restorations in Atlanta could’ve built a very similiar bike for about half that with shipping. They were still cool, and so are these, but alot of us don’t live in Florida cause we can’t afford that either. Sly? Is that Sly Stallone? Way to be a friend to them, but still might as well be OCC for those of us who can’t afford them in the new (jobless) economy

  • johnly

    i hate to interupt.. but those are very %^&&******### bike so stop &&%$##@@!##…

    love you

  • val

    everyone wants champagne on a beer budget. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. If you don’t, put a ace bar on ya heap of sh*t cafe and STFU

  • 4Cammer

    A bit spendy for me, but you can tell alot of sweat went into the bikes. Their website is pretty darn cool.

  • Kyle

    Well, I’ve walked both paths. Buying rotting rust buckets and building them up and picking up ‘restored’ bikes as well. When you’re building your own, at least twice during the whole process, you’re going to say to your self, ‘Damn, I should have just picked up that shiney bike instead of skinning my knuckles and wrenching all day, as opposed to riding till the cows come home’. Doing up a lemon is far more expensive than most people think, especially when it comes to British metal. But for some nut cases like me, the wrenching is the fun bit, the result is just a consequence. But if you’re doing this as a means to putting food on your table, you’re going to want to charge for it. And every bead of sweat and blood will count. And that usually amounts to a lot of money. So it’s a bit unfair to compare these finished bikes to rough examples of stock bikes that are up for sale around town.

  • mingh

    yawn… another cb. Looks like a decent diy project though.
    yawn …another flame war on the money.
    nice pictures though

    the bike -to me- is really nothing special. We’ll need more ‘engine-uity’ than a ridicuous gumball sticker and model T colour for a caff.
    Comparing this honda with an old ferrari is even more ridiculous.

    engine-uity to me is like the guy who transformed his Triumph T150 from rocker arms to DOHC. Not sticker tuning.

  • mingh

    still on engin-uity:
    how a bout building a working board tracker replica based on 1 photo:

  • That bike turned out great. Well done boys. I had a great time that night at your shop building those pipes. Let me know when you want to head to Florida for another build.


  • Hot Rod Troy

    DCC, GREAT JOB on this build. Chris, those pipes look awsome. Really a nice finishing touch.

  • This bike is just another perfect example of what DCC can pull off with some time and inspiration. Ive met Jason, and he is super down to earth, and puts a ton of time into these bikes. They aren’t jap bolt on customs. They are fully rebuilt from zero and worth the money for a true custom, reliable vintage machine.

  • Buzz

    Thanks johnly, we love you too! Ok, ok, next time I’m in Florida, I promise to visit, of course we’ll need tea and bacon sandwiches:)

  • Ryan

    That Excelsior build mingh posted about is amazing. That is the type of craftsmanship I want to see on bike exif.

  • jimmy da greek

    look at the tank – does that really look stock? check out the frame – particularly the rear where the shocks are located – you recall late 60’s/early 70’s bikes using cantilevered suspension? there is definitely more to this bike than a cleaned up 450…and that is solely what i perceive in the pictures. i checked out their website…these are cool f**king guys! and the guy who responded to ‘sly’ – i think you are right – i think that is stallone!

  • wingtip

    The price might seem steep at first but when you start adding things up it makes a lot more sense. The parts might be a bit cheaper but the labor involved in building one of these bikes is just the same as a much more expensive custom HD. If what they are building is as reliable as a fully rebuilt bike should be i think it’s worth the $$$.

  • WiiZii-Woo

    AWESOME bikes! My CB450 should be so lucky to get a makeover like these!

  • mingh

    time for some moderation Chris.
    Some people seemed so much fans of them dime guys that you may wonder if it’s not them selves. In any case: not good for the high quality standards that gave bike exif such a large and well deserved fan base.

  • Buzz

    Mingh, what’s not good? We Americans love to debate and haggle.. I admire people who stand by their friends, just as I would if someone wrongly accused mine. Dime City Cycles may have raving fans, but so does Chris and bike Exif. We can agree and we can disagree. We all love what we love don’t stifle that

  • PeteP


    Are you the jap bike “Highwayman”?

  • Gunney39

    Yes they are a ittle Pricey, however what was once ordinary 40 years ago has now become Art, and Nostalgic. Bottom line if they can Perform as well as they look its woth it.

  • Dave Patton

    I think they are art. I think they are unique. These are in an emerging market of their own creation. Sure Cafe Racers have been around a long time and the bikes they restore have a lot of “old” to “restore”. 10k is an easy sell for someone who wants a custom cafe racer, knows that it’s unique and wants to do the ton. If you want a 2k – 3k bike to build out for a couple of grand, then buy the parts, the tools and DIY. From experience, it’s never that simple and 10k is reasonable.

  • madvillan

    haha. cafe bikes have become luxury products! im pretty sure whoever buys this bike isnt gonna ride it often or very hard. perhaps a second bike for a sunday ride to clear the head. i much prefer a bike with a few good leaks i can through around on a daily basis.