Honda CB500 Four

Honda CB500 Four
Honda’s CB series is the quintessential cafe racer platform, with the CB750 attracting the most attention. The CB500 Four was a lighter, more nimble version launched in 1971, but it was no slouch in the performance department. Its SOHC engine pumped out 50bhp, and an experienced rider could gun this bike to 60mph in a fraction over five seconds. I’ve chosen the 500 for today’s picture because just now, we hit 500,000 page views on Bike EXIF. We launched only five months ago, and our second post was a Honda CB550, so the 500 felt appropriate. Thanks a million for following! [Photo from Flickr member and Honda owner tneuf215.]

  • Ben

    Congratulations on the 500,000 mark! Love the site, come back everyday for more :)

  • :) What a gorgeous bike, I’d love to give this a go. Paint job is fantastic too, original style. I have a Honda CB125? (155cc) from 1974, not exactly sure the model (if anyone knows let me know).

    Congrats on the 500k PVs. We’re big fans.

  • Ben and Simon: Thanks – glad you like the site.

    Simon: there’s info on the CB125 here.

    Cheers, Chris.

  • Congrats Chris. That is an amazing number in such a short period. Keep up the great work.

  • Tim

    My father-in-law is currently working on a CB500 and it looks very similar to the one above, except it still has the stock bars.

    I love the site!

  • Chris – you’re a star, thanks for the link. I’m narrowing down the years and pics to get the exact model (i’m in Vietnam, nobody is quite sure what it is).

  • Shane

    I have a 1969 Honda CL350 That I really want to make a Cafe Racer. I am having a hard time finding the right seat for this. Can anyone help?? Thank you all.


  • Ed Lauth

    Love your bike Look’s like mine Last time she was fired up june 2003 Had it stored in a shed in upper michigan squerls chewed all wires & fuel hoses Got wire’s taken care of can not find wire mesh rubber coated . Bought it used when I was 20yr’s old I’m now 82yr’s old would like to get running to sell it any one is interested contact me

  • Tim Cox

    I just aquired a 72 500 i need to know where to find parts to make mine look as well as the one in you picture the paint job i can cover but i do need lots of parts beings it was modified for the shriners parade in Mt. I would like andy help you have to give thanks!

  • Jerome Croteau

    My first bike! Mine was green, rode it for 67,000 miles of pure pleasure!