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Honda CB550 cafe racer by Godffery’s Garage

Honda CB550 cafe racer by Godffery’s Garage.
Every now and then, a bike appears out of left field and seems to pop up everywhere. This CB550 is one of those bikes: it created a buzz on the SOHC Forum and then won its category at the Rockerbox bike show.

Now it’s about to go on show in the lobby of the Iron Horse Hotel, in Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee heartland.

Honda CB550 cafe racer by Godffery’s Garage.
This cafe racer was built by Jeff Stephens, who operates out of Burlington, WI, as Godffery’s Garage. “I’ve been at it full time now for about ten years, but have been building bikes most of my life,” he says.

Stephens built this bike to order for a customer, Richard Cosby, and it’s full of quality parts, including a Dyna S ignition and Keihin CR carburetion. Breathing is through a K&N air filter with a built-in velocity stack.

Honda CB550 cafe racer by Godffery’s Garage.
Frame Crafters created the rear suspension loop and modified the frame, while Benjie’s Café Racers made the tank, seat and exhaust to Jeff’s specs.

Head over to Vinmoto to see the entire build catalogued in pictures.

Thanks to Brad Bartkus. Images by Jeff Burns.
Honda CB550 cafe racer by Godffery’s Garage.

  • Dafunk’s Garage

    An amazing custom cafe racer!

  • s0crates82

    nice bike.

    I want that headlight.

  • David Enfield

    Er , no . Great lookin’ tool but the red frame ? red wheel tape ? Can’t fault the build though .

  • Ryan K

    I saw this in person at Rockerbox…words don’t do this CB justice. It’s absolutely stunning…

  • dustinlwood

    Nice “Mono shock” conversion. Not sure why they stuffed 2 under there but It almost looks factory. Took me a while to notice.

  • valvolux

    excellent work. A real inspiration. That hydraulic clutch is so cool

  • Angel5

    Wonderful bike. The build pics are excellent.

  • Nice bike but I don’t think the red frame works.

  • Some innovative stuff, Nice Job!!

  • WRXr

    1. Red frame works for me.
    2. Transparent right side (ignition?) cover is crazy!!!!
    3. Need more pictures of the rear swing arm.

  • mack-o-matik

    stunning! must run like hells dog, this one. Superb shape. All in all, I want it – without red though – all in black.

  • Aaron Burke

    Umm, bloody wow! I though yesterday was great, this is fantastic! Without copying, so many greats ideas to look at in the future for my CB550. A lot of thought in that frame, let alone the rest.

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Truely a work of art. I remember how bulky those bikes were. Are the front outer springs helpers or the only springs for the suspension? I believe those are Dunlap tires, I was wondering why you didn’t go for more sticky tires than those considering all you’ve done w/ the bike?

  • ED

    the red frame is what does it for me. very very nice CB

  • johnrdupree

    It’s a nice build, lots of attention to detail, lots of little mods all over. But that oil filter sticks out like a sore thumb.

  • Uncle B

    Nice Honda! I remember the days when I worked for labor’s wage and wish to have one of these, but never could quite scrape up enough cash to do the trick!

  • Neal Shrum

    That red CB 550/4 is smokin’ hot. I rremember drooling over Mr. Savage’s 550/4 back in high school, it was bulky, heavy and not nearly as nimble looking as this little sweet-heart. Kudo’s to the builders and the inspiration/vision I see throughout the bike is obvious and wonderfull. ! I’m an aspiring builder myself. I’m currently building a 71 Honda 750 on a “budget”, but; this red bad-boy was spoiled.

  • jim

    wow…really, really nice look’n…outstanding…

  • Hey Byker nice work , the byke has a oustandind design Men. Congrats

  • rudy g

    Wow nice build have a question for my project is a 76 cb550 motor easy to mod? And where on the net can I find the best parts? Great job though!

  • Nice details. Wonderful idea with the twin rear shocks. Boring unimaginative shape and design. Nice bling, but nothing special.

  • Steve

    This bike really makes an impression, especially in person! Going the extra 100 miles with the clutch and custom heel guards totally put it over the top.

  • Cleveland

    This bike it too freaking sweet! It’s even nicer in person.


  • Bubbaznetti

    Sorry Keron Grant. We’ll try harder next time. My everyday life hangs in the balance of what you do and say as Im sure it does for the rest of the world. I go to bed every night praying that someday everyone, including myself could only hope to come anywhere near the amount of creative genious artistically that you exude as well as your inifinite gift for the spoken word.