Whitehouse CB750 Motorimoda

Honda CB750 custom
One of the most consistent Japanese custom motorcycle builders is Whitehouse, famous for meticulous replicas of classic Japanese racebikes and recreations of the Mad Max “Kwaka” KZ1000. But Whitehouse’s main business is retro-styling modern CB750s. For this latest model, the company has hooked up with hip Ginza retailer Motorimoda. The gorgeous CB750 Cafe Type Motorimoda is hand-crafted from aluminum and carbon fiber, and costs a surprisingly reasonable ¥ 2,500,000 (US$29,000). It’s not all show and no go, either: the engine has been reworked to boost power by 20bhp, giving it a healthy 90bhp or so. [Check this video to hear it in action.] If this doesn’t wet your whistle, Whitehouse has plenty more tempting CB750s on a standalone showcase website. Be warned though: once you’re there, it’s hard to leave.

Honda CB750 custom
Honda CB750 custom
Honda CB750 custom
Honda CB750 custom

  • Raketemensch

    Just gotta say, this is the coolest bike I’ve seen on BEXIF, and I can’t believe that this honor goes to a CB750.

  • Paul

    Why put another Whitehouse CB750(RC-42) up when the Bol Dor replica, October 1st 2009 BikeExif was near perfect example of this manufacturer and that body kit? Check out the Whitehouse website for the radical Ryudin. C’mon guys less bobbers and clones – more of something different!
    I remember a radical french styling experiment for the FZ750 in AMCN. If you could find and post that, I would be mighty impressed.

  • Paul: see the preceding comment from Raketemensch, that’s why I put it up. We don’t limit ourselves to one post per builder.

  • Rainman

    That is the UGLIEST bike I’ve seen on BE. It looks like RoboCop!!

  • Beno

    Have to agree with Rainman here…
    Different strokes for different folks and all that, sure!
    But the last think ill be doing is stroking it over this thing. Just Horrid!

  • Rex Havoc

    The headlights are certainly “in your face”. Makes the bike really stand out. It’s a quality build though, very special. Thanks Chris, good choice

  • robweeve

    Great fairing and headlights

  • mingh

    It’s the name playing games with your perception: It should’ve called endurance instead of cafe. At first my eyes hurt badly from this one, but upon a second look, the 70’s endurance look really grew on me.
    the black& white livery doesn’t do much justice. But i like the endurance bikes of old: Laverda V6, Goudier-Genod Kawas, Dholdas…. Wild bits of kit that i’d like to see more of.

  • the other larry

    Do you really think $29K is a reasonable price? I’ve got a really nice ’48 Indian and I’ll throw in a really nice round case Ducati 750 for that. Think I’d trade for some tarted up Honda?

  • Swagger

    Stunning. Don’t much care what people want to whine about…..to take a crudbag old CB750 and end up with something this well done deserves kudos…..not a bitchfest.
    If you can build something better then perhaps you deserve to pick, but til then….get off your ass, into the shop and build your masterpiece.

    For those that can’t do so and have the funds, here’s a way to get a really neat bike that you’re not likely to see a twin to on the road. Worth the price of admission if that’s your thing

  • Derek Larsen

    This bike looks very reminiscent of Honda’s racing bikes of the early 90’s. I think that’s where the initial appeal lies. At first glance the bike looks like a subtly modified factory bike…then you find out it’s a CB750.

  • mark

    I can’t tell if I like it or if I completely hate it. Regardless, it’s at least well-done.

  • Ok Enough with the Ignorance of some people!

    this is a Modern HONDA CB750… not a late 70s/early 80s CB750F…

    here is a picture…

    Also this design replicated the 70s Endurance Bikes Like Ming said above… bike like KR kawasakis, Bolddor and les Mans Racers and they do a fine job making the bike to look like that…

    For those who dont like it go buy a round case bevel or a 48 indian…. Different Strokes for Different Forks!

  • Have to agree that’s more Bol d’ Or endurance than cafe’, but who cares? It is easily the coolest twin cam CB 750 I’ve seen and the workmanship is flawless. Am I the only one who thinks it would be even better in CB 1100F/R tune?

    Good choice Chris. Keep the inline specials coming-

  • Francois

    People should stop complaining about the look of the bike and look a bit deeper to really be stunned by this bike. I see a custom frame, exhaust, bodywork, paint, upholstery….the only thing it seems to retain from a 750 is the motor displacement.