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Honda CB750 Racing

Honda CB750 model
In 1970, the Daytona 200 was arguably the world’s premier production motorcycle race. Honda entered its racing version of the CB750: Dick “Bugsy” Mann won by mere seconds, nursing a dying engine home after setting a new lap record. This bike, however, is not that bike. You’re looking at a 1/6 scale Tamiya Collector’s Club model, 348 mm (13.7 inches) long. The level of detail in this piece is remarkable, right down to the Keihin carburetors and the aluminum wheels with stainless steel spokes. Even the rubber tires are realistic, with authentic tread patterns and logos and size details on the sidewalls.

  • T7H

    Awesome. I see the real bike every day at my work, and this is a very good replica!

  • marrte