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1969 Honda CL350

1969 Honda CL350 cafe racer customized by MotoFiaccone
Chris Fiaccone is a US garage builder with a vision, and an embryonic parts company to match—MotoFiaccone. This gorgeous late 60s Honda is his own creation, with a light and elegant style hiding some pretty substantial work. The frame has been chopped, boxed and heavily massaged; Chris also rewired the bike and built the rearsets from scratch, using aluminum rods for the linkage. And then he crafted the café racer seat and that 2-into-1 stainless exhaust system with reverse cone megaphone. Added to the mix are Tomaselli clip-ons, plus bracketry and nicely understated paintwork by Kit Headly of DropBars. Chris calculates that the upgrades cost him just $1,200—which looks like an absolute bargain considering the result. Check out the photos from his recent Oklahoma salt flats shoot.

  • wow, what a rad little honda!!!

  • i love the… ah… step by step photos, yeah, oh his website haha

  • charles

    Really nice bike, and great step by step photos of the build, it’s too bad the writing really makes him sound like a giant douche.

  • Hi All:

    Thanks for all the comments on my work! Some folks will like my work and others will hate it. I’m an an Italian boy in Texas who lives to work the TIG torch and play with these silly old bikes. I’m honored–and very appreciative–to be mentioned on BikeExif.


  • I’ve always liked the minimalism of that bike… my eye tends to go the other way with my own builds, and I appreciate people who can work the strip down style… the less that’s there, the better what is there has to be :)

  • Gage Werke

    Love your work man. Nice to see some of the DTT guys get some recognition. I’m gonna need a set of your pipes for my CB350 racer.

    PS: keep the hot chick pics coming.

  • In a sea of homogenized, single serving topical “crap” that’s stamped out of a plastic mold by the 1000’s in some foreign sweat shop, approved by some jerk who’s been deemed as an authority on what has “class” MotoFiaccone has once again saved us all with their attention to detail and proper homage to the aesthetic which is “Cafe Racer.”

    We should thank the gods my friends.

    Dime City Cycles ( is proud to carry the marque brand and looks forward to seeing what MotoFiaccone cooks up next in their anti-synoptic fix providing laboratory.

    The DCC Crew

  • Kit

    I think I recognize that bike.

    That’s such a great pic and perfect setting for it. I’m in love with the new hand made tail… much sleeker than the off the shelf one that you had back in the day.

    …yes, we need more hot chicks! but this pic is perfect just the way it is.

  • Yet another fantastic execution from the motofiaccone garage! I love the minimalistic approach! My favorite thing about Chris’ bikes is how the styling concept is followed all the way through the build. Nothing is out of place, and there is nothing on there that doesn’t belong. WELL DONE!!!

  • Kantikoy

    Awesome! Like was said before, it’s great to see some of the DTT crew shown in such a great light doing what they do best. Chris, you’re a stand up guy with an impeccable spirit. I can’t wait to hear my project rip through the custom exhaust that I just ordered from you. There’s really nothing like getting parts from a real guy who built it doing what he loves to do. That really shows through in your work. It’s been awseome watching over the years and I can’t wait to see what the next ones bring! Keep it up bro!

  • Swagger

    Yeah that Chris guy from Motofiaccone….he’s a douche….what a loser. Seriously man…..why build a bike with your own hand and and skill when you can run right down the a stealership and spend a pile of cash on something without all that horrible personality.

    I mean jeeze man…….ya douche!

    (If you can’t sense the sarcasm in the above statements you’re probably too busy coming your ass hair to ride anyway.)

    Chris….dig the work man! Glad to see some props out here in the ‘toobs…..

  • Beautiful looking bike Chris – inspiring, if I didn’t have a speaker business I think I’d be building things really similar to what you’re doing. Either it was me not looking around enough or maybe it is sort of taking off, but I used to see all these cool street tracker type designs in Tokyo and yet I never saw them anywhere else, and now happily I’m noticing all sorts of cool modified bikes. Enjoyed your site by the way.

  • Justus

    Aloha from Honolulu Chris! The family wishes you and your family well and really diggin your new creations! Hopefully next visit to the states I can come over to visit. Aloha-The Patton Family

  • Antonio Arnel B. Juco

    Love your work Chris, reminds me of how I get started into riding MC. The international red or was it orange that got me addicted 33yrs ago.