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Bladerod, Mark Boxer's Honda CBR900 custom motorcycle
Owner Mark Boxer calls Bladerod “Australia’s toughest CBR900”. I don’t know how many Fireblades there are down under, but it is a pretty mean looking machine. Boxer is a journalist and stunt rider—interesting combo—and apparently built this bike in just 34 days. It’s a ’98 model CBR919RR Fireblade, and mostly stock on the mechanical front apart from a redesigned rear sub frame. (With around 130hp, the engine doesn’t need any help.) That styling is something else though, with varying shades of matt, satin and gloss black accentuating the streetfighter looks. MCN called it “Satan’s own custom”, and that pretty much sums it up. [Image by Mark Pakula.]

  • carson

    finally a modern street bike that i actually want to own.

    Very nice.

  • Very nice, with the possible exception of the super-short / non-existent tail section, which looks a bit jarring to my eyes.

  • Bikes like this are called “bobbers” in the streetfighter scene, btw. This looks like a pretty well-done one.

  • alfredo

    Un trabajo impresionante.

  • This is the bike that got me into streetfighters. Such an awesome example of how a little bit of modifying can turn ANY bike into a head-turner, old or new, sportbike or cruiser. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars, just some taste/style and some elbow grease.

  • cbradley

    Looks very cool, but I think some company called Triumph has been making these since 1994. They call it the Speed Triple. The ’07s thru ’10s could be a dead ringer especially in jet or matte black, except they have a more unique 3 cyl engine, and way cooler single-sided swing-arm. Sorry not trying to be an ass, I just call it like I see it.

  • The Speed Triple exists because of home-built bikes like this that came before both of them. (plus the seat height is completely different)

  • cbradley

    Very true, and I’m not trying to dis the guy’s work, especially for only 34 days, but the speed triple DOES exist for whatever reason, and this bike shares way too many similarities for me to consider it “unique” In fact for a split second I thought it was a modded speed triple, till I noticed the frame and swing-arm If a major mfg already makes one that anyone can buy, then unfortunately it loses originality. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if this bike came out in ’93, I would be chastising Triumph for stealing this guy’s concept, but today now that the speed triple has been around for 15 yrs, it’s the other way around.

  • How could you confuse this for a Speed Triple? Because it’s black, and naked? That’s like confusing a Rocket III with a Harley because they’re both loud and black/chrome.. or a VTR1000 with a Ducati because they’re both twins and semi-faired.

  • cbradley

    Oh jeez I don’t know, the trademark dual headlamps, low wide moto-x style bars, viciously hacked off rear sub-frame, lack of any BS fairings, and yeah the fact that the only things not blacked out are the forks and brake discs. It’s not like I said it looks like a BMW K 1300 GT, or the like. Can you honestly claim that at first glance it isn’t highly reminiscent of the Speed Triple? I do like the smaller diameter headlamps an the fact that they are also blacked out rather that chrome, but there is NO question where this bike gets it’s styling ques from.

  • Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

    Just briefly, I was not out to achieve anything with this bike, I simply built it to please myself, not to make a point.

  • This bike came out awesome. I usually don’t like bikes with the rear end tail missing but this bike looks so mean without it. Great build.

  • Just uploaded a video of it on Youtube