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Honda GB500 TT

Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy
Tomorrow sees the start of the Isle of Man TT2009. When casting around for a motorcycle to connect with this legendary event, we decided to avoid the glamour machines—such as the NCR Hailwood TT—and pick instead the obscure Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy. Its engine was a sleeved-down variant of the XL600 dirt bike motor: like many TT-winning racebikes, it was a 500cc big single. A tube frame, wire wheels and retro-styled gas tank completed the vintage ‘clubman’ look. The GB500 lasted just two years, disappearing from US showrooms in 1990, but today, good condition examples often fetch more than the original sticker price. Even better news for owners is the availability of a White Brothers 600 big bore kit … [Image via German site GB500.]

  • Tim

    I love the look of this bike. I find it kind of surprising that this motorcycle didn’t do that well considering how popular cafe bikes are these days.

  • I always loved that bike. I remember drooling over one a classmate of mine had in college back in the mid 90’s. As far as popularity, I think the timing was a bit off when they were introduced in ’89. The general motorcycling population was more into those “neon” painted sportbikes then… Kudos to those of you who picked up a GB500 (then or now)!!!!

  • sam

    Fantastic, I have a GB (500 With a 600 custom kit) Ride it every day – Sun or Snow.

  • brian

    I have a question about my GB500. It is an 89 model, so the title says. My GB has chrome side covers and a chrome front fender. I have never seen another one with the chrome side covers and front fender. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

  • Pierrard

    g une gb 500 et vous voulez des renseignements,merci de me poster un petit ot à mon adressse meal
    a bientot

  • Pierrard

    Je pocede cette moto et si voulez des renseignements merci de me contacter sur mon site
    a bientot

  • Alan

    This is one sweet bike that i have been lusting over for the past couple of years now and have finally managed to get my hands on one! If anyone can answer these two questions i’d be very gratefull…. Is it true that only 4500 of these were imported into the U.S., and also did this bike come in both black and the very dark/deep green colour? I have always thought that there was only the one colour scheme, buy my ’89 looks only black with no hint of the dark green when in the sunlight..

  • Robs

    I recently returned to motorbikes after a 22 year hiatus, and this was on my short list when I went shopping. Couldnt find a single on in the southwest for sale! Didnt really surprise me as I had only seen TWO on So Cal roads! I ended up with a very nice S2R 800, but I love the look of the GB.

  • Jim

    That’s my bike and my picture!

  • Alan

    Your pics of your GB are really nice, so much so that i saved them in my pictures folder!! I save all pics that i come across of GB’s.. Mine is a ’89 and now approaching the 10k mark. As much as i hate to put the miles on it i just can’t help myself !! I’m actually thinking of parting with it if anyone is interested, although will not let it go for much less than 6k..
    GB’s are just fantastic smaller bikes to ride.