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Andrew Greenland’s Honda NX650 Dominator

Honda NX650 Dominator custom by Andrew Greenland
Eighteen years ago this bike left Honda’s factory as a chunky dual-sport thumper—a less sophisticated version of the Transalp, if you like. Today it’s a sleek, lightweight street tracker burning up the roads of Wales.

Andrew Greenland bought his 1992 Honda NX650 Dominator in Swansea for a mere £300 (US$450), with the intention of just restoring it as a winter project. “I thought I would maybe change a few bits and bobs,” he says. “One night, when the bike was stripped down to the rolling chassis, I placed a Honda CG125 (1976) tank on it for a laugh—and that was it! Retro dirtbike was the theme.”

Honda NX650 Dominator custom by Andrew Greenland
Greenland cut the rear subframe uprights down by three inches and added a loop at the back, leaving the rest of the structure original. He rebuilt the motor with a bigger bore and piston and new valves and guides, and swapped out the stock 21” front wheel for a 19” Honda SLR650 wheel.

Honda NX650 Dominator custom by Andrew Greenland
The exhaust system came from Jemco in Texas, with Trail Tech supplying the headlight and speedometer. Greenland then built a new tail unit using fiberglass (“took bloody ages!”) and did all the painting himself with rattle tins. The project took six months, and the bike rolled out of the shed a few days ago—owing Greenland less than £2,000 (US$3,000) in total build costs.

“I’ve been tinkering with my own bikes since I was 12,” says Greenland, “but I’ve never altered a bike from its original form before and it was a pain in the ass! But when I go out on it, and see the looks it gets, it makes it all worth it.”

Home building at its best, don’t you think?

Honda NX650 Dominator custom by Andrew Greenland

  • Frederick

    Great story, great bike!! Enjoy your new ride, Andy. Awesomeness, I very much liked that..

  • Kevin

    Rad bike .. nicely done!

  • Charles

    Is there perhaps someplace online where we could view more photos of this beautiful bike? My Google-fu has failed me.

  • Not as far as I know—the builder sent the details straight to me. I’ll check with him.

  • brandon

    Lovely bike! I owned the NX650’s smaller sibling, the NX250 and these are excellent bikes. Lovely amount of power from the water-cooled engine and quick, sharp handling.

  • I like that!! Awesome work and great story behind.. Good job guys keep it up!

  • Mike

    I rather quite like that!

  • Hiwatt Scott

    A pint of his favorite brew to this man! Well done!

  • turgut

    Can’t be!

  • Tinman

    Nice looking bike, solid and rugged. I would like to know the weight, the article says lite and sleek, what is the actual weight? Looks like about 350 to me, Ive often thought about building a Yami RD350 Enduro, But everyone tells me it would be to heavy, I need hard facts to work with!!

  • OLGV.

    I have an XL250… but this bike become a dream bike instantly… amazing job…

  • Cap’n

    Beautiful! He’s got great taste – change what needed changing and leave the rest alone. I’d buy one.

  • mudplug

    That’s confidence-inspiring.

    Just shows how brilliant a result can be achieved, building something in your own garage.
    It’s a quality job and clearly took a shedload of time and effort; but at the same time, it’s a down-to-earth one off, and still has an ‘achievable’ feel to those that dream of creating a bike like this (or in any other style, for that matter.)

    Top marks, not because I’m qualified to judge, but out of respect for what’s been created.

  • Andrew

    Many thanks to everyone for the very kind words, i am genuinely surprised at the enthusiasm and interest the bike has received and i do appreciate it.

    This project was neither as expensive or technically/mechanically elaborate as the majority of the beautiful bikes on here and hopefully my efforts have inspired anyone thinking about it to have a go at building their own bike…..go for it!!!

    Just a quick word on the best part of this bike….. the ride!

    It handles and performs better than i could have wished, the brakes are powerful, buckets of low-end torque and the noise it makes is something else!
    Thanks again chris.

  • Robert

    I Love this bike. Really do…. A light bike that handles some offorading and looks great. If there where a serial production of this bike I would be first in line.

  • andrew
  • Michal

    Fantastic bike!
    I am working over the same project basing on Transalp 1998.
    Where did You get those tyres?

  • andrew

    Tyres – continental tkc 80 twinduro. Excellent road holding (in the dry)
    minimal vibration at all speeds. Was looking at one if those, will be interesting to see the end result, v-twin should look great!

    Have now decided to keep my cherished flat tracker, riding it today for many sunny miles was a pleasure and a privelige.

    Build it
    Ride it
    Enjoy it!

  • Crash Carter

    Tinman don’t bother with an RD350 trailie there’s already a TDM 350 based on the RD350LC not a bad bike great for wheelies and aroundtown hooning no doubt…

  • Quirze

    Nice bike Andrew!
    I’m from Barcelona and I have a ’90 Dominator. You are my light! I always thought that this bike could be modified into a style like yours… and your bike is the best example
    I have some questions…
    Front fork and rear shock are the original ones?
    And how much did you cut the rear subframe? If you could send me some information about the rear subframe modifications would be perfect
    My mail is [email protected]
    And what happened with the little oil tank at the top of the frame? It’s accessible?

    Sorry for asking so many questions but i like so much your bike
    See you! And thanks!

  • andrew

    Hi, thanks for the kind words. I have emailed you a link with more details of the build.
    many thanks.

    good luck!

  • Robert

    hello . love your bike . great work . can you please email me too with the modifications you made . what kind of suspensions . front fork …etc

    [email protected] . thanks a lot

  • Morassien

    I was working on painting my 600XR frame when your bike appeared to me, a revelation !!
    What a beautiful work !
    The XR and the Dominator are really close, so I’m very interested by all information to make a similar job, I will be really glad if you could transmit me some.
    My email : [email protected]
    Thank you very much !

  • andrew

    Here is a link with more info on the build for those who are interested.

    good luck and happy building!

  • it’s favolous !!!!! it’s beatiful it’s wonderful !!!!
    can you send at my email the specif for costruction ‘ and other picture ?
    did you keep the same fork?
    Where did you cut and resolder the frame?
    The front wheel hub keeps the same?
    i have got an dominator650 rd02 like you and i’dd like trasform in elsinore but whith two saddle seats
    tanks by Andrea

  • sorry tih is my email [email protected]

  • This is bloody brilliant, what a great looking bike. I should imagine those tyres cause some sphincter tightening moments on tarmac.
    Nice work.

  • andrew

    The tyres (continental twinduro) are actually very good on the road (in the dry!), BMW fit them as standard on the GS1200 or at least they used to, so if theyre good enough for the germans theyre good enough for me!

  • Jerry

    Hi Andrew, Great looking bikes, have you made a mould for the seat (on the mk11) if so can i purchase a seat unit?
    Thanks Jerry