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After pluggin’ away at this site on a daily basis for over a year, I’m going to take a little breather. But rather than leave you guys in the lurch, I’ve asked some of my favorite motorcycle bloggers to hold the fort while I’m recharging my batteries. The bulk of the work will be done by Scott from Pipeburn, with several posts also coming from Diesel of Visual Gratification and Richard Fowler of Motorsport Retro. These guys all have excellent tastes, and they’re in tune with the Bike EXIF vibe—so it’s worth checking out their own sites if you get a minute.

I’ll be back on board in mid-January, but will be checking in on the emails and comments now and then. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday break and thank you for visiting.

PS Thanks also to photographer Josh Evans for permission to use the shot above—which has been featured in Intersection magazine. It was taken near Tooraweena in Australia, and Josh recalls, “I was on my first ever postie bike ride, in June 2005, from Sydney to Warialda near the Queensland border. We spent so much time laughing along the way, a cross between embarrassment and the really ridiculous: our leathers were worth more than the bikes. I set the camera up and started running back to my spot while the barrel was turning (there is no self-timer on a Noblex 135S). Ben quickly said, ‘Look tough’. And for about five seconds we did.”

  • Phil C

    Sounds great. It should be fun to get different stuff on here, but please…

    THIS IS MY DAILY RELIGION, I NEED TO COME HERE ONCE A DAY EVERY DAY. …. ….. honestly… it keeps me from jumping out of the window at work some days.

    Your fan, PhiL

  • AJJB

    Blog Of The Year 2009. Gave me alot of info and put me in touch with very likeminded people halfway around the globe, a sincere “Thank You” for that. I really hope the stats of the site reflect that as well.

    Happy Holidays from snowy Berlin.

  • Tom Bloss

    Have fun on your holiday. Like all great work, it may look easy, but I am sure the research is exhausting. Thank you for making this my favorite spot on the web. Hurry Back!

  • James T

    Newcomer to the site, but I love it. Have fun and relax. See you when you return.

  • Roy-Nexus-6

    Love the site – keeps me sane more times than I would like to admit.

    Am I the only one whos wondering what a bobber postie bike would like like? 😉

  • Bo Bradshaw

    I love this site and have turned many friends on to it. Thanks so much for doing it and also thanks for your short term passing of the baton! Bo

  • Felix

    Ahh G….Christmas without Bike EXIF…. how could you do that to us, leavin’ us with same old presents, turkey and all the crab, desperately looking into the mailbox in the morning not finding the daily sweet bike dosis that we all need on those cold days.
    Have a good one, please return soon and THANKS so much for keeping this site alive !!
    all the best from Japan.

  • thanks for everything so far and enjoy the breather 🙂

  • Tackett

    I love the site, but understand the need for a vacation. The guys you’ve got covering you do a great job as well.

    Relax and enjoy the holidays,
    see you in 3 weeks

  • Undercover Soul Brother

    Happy holidays and looking forward to a great new year with Bikeexif!

    Cheers from snowy Boston!

  • Hurry back soon, like others here this is my new daily religious task, and like others has put me in touch with other like minded people.

    I look forward to the site every morning, hope 2010 is as good as 2009 for us.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for everything so far! BikeEXIF is a daily joy to my feed reader, and makes me want to fix up old bikes.

    Enjoy your time off, and we look forward to more. Thanks!

  • Enjoy the holiday! Can’t imagine how you find new bikes daily must take heaps of time. Let me know if you still want to chat about (mt).

  • peter clemo

    Enjoy your break and thanks for the opportunity to look at these amazing bikes, don’t let the site die please…rgds pete clemo