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Gallery: The amazing Honda RC166

Honda RC166
The Honda RC166 isn’t just one of the most beautiful racing motorcycles of all time. It was also a winner with a capital W. This invincible track weapon came first in all ten races of the 1966 World Championship Series, and also captured the 250cc Manufacturers’ and Riders’ Championships for two consecutive years.

Honda RC166
The engine was a jewel-like DOHC inline six, with six carburetors, driving through a seven-speed ’box. This particular machine, #7, is even more special: it’s the one ridden by Isle of Man TT Winner Mike Hailwood. It’s the centerpiece of a marvelous gallery on Honda’s 50 Years of World Championship Racing website, along with other icons such as the RC142 and NR500.

Via the highly recommended Motorsport Retro.

Honda RC166
Honda RC166
Honda RC166

  • Tinker

    jeebus! what a delicious little berry.

  • Honda built the most amazing bikes during the 60’s. Bikes built with the precision of a Swiss watch and the durability to match. If you have never watched a movie of these bikes literally screaming around the Isle of Man you are missing out on a fantastic biking experience. Go and google it now and marvel at a time when men were men and helmets were really just for show.

  • Guys I found a great link for listening to one of these start up plus a 125. Ear splitting – – AWESOME!

  • Click on the 50 Years of World Championship Racing Link above, and it takes you to Honda’s website, it has video and audio of these bikes racing. Cool stuff!

  • philip mc loughlin

    i built a motomodelli construction kit of this fabulous looking bike back in the sixties and still have it today,allthough it,s looking a bit worse for wear nowadays.does anybody know of any of these kits on the market today? as for the exhaust note,well, beautiful.