Honda VT750 by Luca Bar

Honda VT750 custom motorcycle concept
The stock Honda VT750 (or Shadow) is an unassuming Sportster clone. It’s pitched at beginner riders who prefer easygoing Japanese reliability to Harley’s contrived contemporary image. And like most Hondas, the VT750 is neat and well-designed, but could do with a little more style—or brio. This is what young Italian designer Luca Bar had in mind when he penned his retro Scrambler variant: with subtle cosmetic changes, he’s elevated Honda’s anonymous cruiser into a way more desirable bike.

Bar specializes in product design, graphic design and fashion, but he’s a petrolhead at heart—and also a member of the Motorcycle Design Association. In fact, you’ve probably seen Bar’s work before, most likely his vision of a potential Ducati chopper—which set the interwebs alight a few months back (shown below). And his recreations of classic Moto Guzzis are equally cool. “Most of my work is made for the press,” he says. “Magazines and websites contact me to get preview renderings of rumors that are escaping from bigger companies.”

If you’re a motorcycle magazine art director or editor—and yes, I know a lot of you check into Bike EXIF regularly—it’s worth giving Luca Bar a call.

custom motorcycle concept
custom motorcycle concept
custom motorcycle concept

  • The First bike already exits… called VRX400 Roadster and sold in Japan during the late 90s…

    check it here

  • Tin Man 2

    Nice Job, New Paint, Flat seat and a Knobby tire make this a Good Looking Scrambler, Instead of just another Sportster Clone.

  • If Honda ever made THIS scrambler, it would be the first V Twin I have ever owned. I like it that much.

  • Jefferson

    Jon, Honda is putting out the bike later this year. It is called the Honda Shadow RS and this is about the least custom “Custom” that I have ever seen. Tall rear shocks and a knobby front tire is apparently all that it takes.

    No skid plate, stock pipes, stock bars, stock fenders; what exactly makes this bike a scrambler?

  • yea i like it an all for sure. actually looks like a bike i’d love to ride and enjoy and that would be super fun and practical.

    wouldn’t it look rad with drag style straight bars?

  • The VT750RS doesn’t look anything like a Scrambler:

    And I’m at a complete loss as to where the flat-track influence is, despite what Honda claims.

  • kim scholer

    Save for the tyres and the misleading ‘scrambler’ sticker, this is a 1960-70s ‘standard’ design bike if there ever was one. A gas tank more like a Sportster would’ve been an improvement, but it still looks neat.

  • Hi Everybody,
    thank you all for the comment and the attention on my work.
    Kim is right, the architecture of the bike (frame geometry etc etc…) is a kind of standard for the ’70. My purpose was give the bike a nicer look than a Sportster copy. The idea was to change as less as possible to get a nice ride to your favorite place in the country, not to race or run off the road.

  • powermatic

    I’m not sure what the idea is with the Ducati, or what it would be like to ride, though I suppose a turn on a V-Rod would give one a pretty good idea. Half sport bike, half chopper-I suppose someone, somewhere is looking for something like this. You would not see yourself coming and going, that’s for sure.

  • Leo

    The paint scheme certainly gives the Honda that nostalgic feel!
    Now, if there were some way that, that seat could shape shift into something more comfortable! I remember back in the day (’71) when you cranked the accelerator, you slid back and held on for dear life….

  • shane

    Damn, if honda put out that scrambler version, or a versions more reminiscent of their classic cb550’s, cb750’s I’d buy one in a heart beat. Till then I’m sticking with my 76.