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Honda Zoomer

Honda ZoomerFew scooters have an instantly recognisable style of their own, but the Honda Zoomer (Ruckus in North America) is one. It’s the Mad Max of scooters: bare-boned, wide-tired and uncompromising. In Europe and Japan, it’s also a magnet for customizers such as the Zoomer Boys of Bern, Switzerland. If you want 100 miles per gallon without sacrificing your masculinity, this is the way to go.

For an even wilder custom, check out this Honda Ruckus from the Californian shop Rucksters.

  • Ira

    Here in Chicago I’ve seen a few of these with extended swing arms and aftermarket racing parts. I never payed much attention to them up until that point…

  • These are the scooter a man can ride without looking like a wimp. Just saw a red one on the way into work. Very cool.

  • Renzsu

    Yeah, custom Zoomers is where it’s at :) Check these guys out in the SGV in LA, they are where the scene is growing the fastest:

  • Bob Dobbs

    Need to know more about Honda Zommer Ruckus – Here in the UK