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Peace Frog Indian Arrow

Indian Arrow custom motorcycle from Japan
If you’re wondering what the famed Indian badge is doing on such a delicate, lightweight motorcycle, read on. After the Second World War, Indian changed ownership and stopped producing its traditional big motorcycles. In the US, new owners released small and somewhat under-engineered models: the Arrow, Super Scout and Warrior. In England, a company called Brockhouse rebadged Royal Enfields, and sold those as Indians. And that’s what this bike seems to be. It’s a very unusual custom from a small (they don’t yet have a website) but rather interesting shop called Peace Frog, based in Kumamoto in southern Japan. Perhaps it’s based on the Royal Enfield Crusader, which had a 248cc pushrod OHV. Peace Frog exhibited at the recent New Order show in Kobe, Japan’s premier custom event. Hopefully they can hold it together and become a fixture on the Japanese scene. Indian proved less adept at the business side of things—in 1953, the company stopped manufacturing its own motorcycles and sold repainted, badge-engineered Royal Enfields imported from Britain. [With thanks to Malcolm Collins.]

  • Mac

    Nice bike but it is a sidevalve.

  • Dave

    It’s not an RE Crusader engine, it’s a side valve of some description.

    • I originally thought it might be a US-made Indian Arrow, but apparently it’s not. If anyone can shed any light onto exactly what this bike is, I’d be grateful. Peace Frog reckon it’s a 1950 model with a 249cc engine.

  • Looks like very similar to the 150cc 1952 Royal Enfield Ensign

  • Chris heape

    I wish my old Bantams looked like this! Anyone got one?


    Makes ya want one

  • sleeth

    my guess: enfield’s ‘brave’; a pretty 250 cc side valve. i had a 1949 vertical
    scout which looked like the ‘arrow’ but with 2 cylinders. the 440/220 cc scout/arrow model had overhead valves. (and a weak bottom end.)

  • Mark

    Yup. It’s a 1951 Indian Brave, 248cc Single cylinder sidevalve. I own a pair of them…neither of which looks THAT cool. Very, very neat.

  • stuart b

    yep its a 248cc sidevalve made by brockhouse engineering one of the first companys to make an all in one engine and gear box . they also made a soft tail version . i own the original factory bike wich they did the road test on

  • Tony

    I am starting to rebuild a Indian brave 1953 model but with a swing frame and a double seat. Afterr seeing the chopped version i am tempted to follow suit. I would love to speak to both Mark and Stuart owners of indian Braves so that they could give me some advice on the Bike restoration.