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Indian Boardtrack

Indian boardtrack motorcycle
I’ve often wondered what happens to show bikes once they’re wheeled off the stage and their moment of fame is over. So I was intrigued when Rick Krost of US Choppers put me in touch with the current owner of his Boardtrack bike. This machine took 10th place at the 2005 World Championship of Bike Building, and it now sits in the garage of Robert M. Malachowski, Jr. The Boardtrack caught the eye of Malachowski after he saw it in shows, magazines and Art of the Chopper book, and he eventually managed to buy it at an auction in Los Angeles. “Rick built the bike by hand using a 100ci Indian Powerplus engine that literally ‘escaped’ the factory just as the doors closed (yet again) in September 2003,” says Robert. “The frame is the prototype built for Rick’s production single loop frame, and the front end is a prototype Kiwi Indian set-up.” The primary is by PM, and the bike is fitted with a six-speed gearbox to make the most of those classic 21” boardtrack wheels. Robert describes the bike as “fast, extremely agile and a blast to ride.” He also has the pictures from Bonneville to prove it, snapped while doing some “quick runs before the police showed up.” Good to see that such an elegant machine is being put to the use it was built for, unlike some show bikes.

Indian boardtrack motorcycle
Indian boardtrack motorcycle
Indian boardtrack motorcycle

  • Antoni Walkowski

    Chris, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a quick recovery of your family member!

  • Leo


  • Chris McC

    Wish you and your family well. We will get by while you take care of business.

    Also Excellent post! I love that bike then and now and i’m glad someone is riding it.

  • Chris,
    Family first. We’ll make due with perusing the back posts for a while.

  • Leo

    Oh, and on a lighter note.

    Dig the bike. Especially the glam shots on the salt.

    Best wishes again,

  • Joe D

    Family first, for sure. Don’t worry we wont go anywhere.

    And this is a real sick bike. Super stylin.

  • Noel Woodroffe

    I understand and you have my sincere sympathy. I too am an expat and must return, temporarily, to UK to support my Dad who is undergoing chemo now.

    What a great joy it is to open my inbox and see yet more wonderful machinery that keeps my biker’s heart pumping.

    I wish you strength at this time.

  • Dennis Smithers

    Great bike, great pics!
    Any info on camera & exposure details, particularly on the salt?

  • pechunges

    Saw the funniest thing at the bottom of a recent post -“to unsubscribe…”, can you believe it UNSUBSCRIBE!!! from the best bikes, the best pics, from boardtrackers to custom builds, stop, stop! it hurts! Thanks so much and take care of yourself and family

  • Al

    I am not complaining…hope all goes well Chris…
    Awesome bike, photos, story…

  • DarmahBum

    Best wishes and good thoughts for you and your family. Your priorities are correct.

  • mule

    Don’t care for the bike’s w…h…e..e…l…b…a…s…e!

    Good luck with the family matters. They come first!

  • Pamberjack

    Best wishes for yr family.

  • Ben

    I’ve been becoming increasingly besotted with boardtrackers the past few months. The video below is one of the only known videos of boardtrack racing and really gives a sense of the sport;

  • Robert Malachowski

    I hope your family members recovers from their illness quickly.
    Thanks again for a great article and for showcasing Rick’s work in your blog. His work is really amazing and extremely detailed. Rick’s become a good friend and I appreciate any time his work gets out to more and more people. And I really do ride this machine. After collecting it from the auction and staring at it in disbelief in my garage for most of the night, I called Rick the following day and asked him what it needed to get it back on the road as I had guessed that it had simply travelled from show to show over the years. He was surprised and thrilled to hear that his creation wouldn’t be collecting dust behind glass somewhere but would be on the road and it has been.
    As to the glam photos, I took those after a few impromptu runs at Bonneville. I produce a calendar for Indian Motorcycle and had planned on getting shots like this for the following year’s calendar along with a few other bikes. The following morning, my wife was “rudely” awakened at 4am in order to get everything back out to the flats so that I could capture the sunrise and we did. Here’s the tech info on the shots.
    All were taken with a Nikon D300 camera using the Nikon 18-200 lens with a Tiffen 72mm UV Haze 1 filter. All lighting is natural lighting but I did use a “sun” bounce card to target parts of the bike.
    From top to bottom, here’s the specs:
    Shot 1: ISO250 36mm f6.3 1/250sec
    Shot 2: ISO250 95mm f9.0 1/320sec
    Shot 3: ISO250 18mm f7.1 1/250sec

  • Damian

    Mate, I love my daily fix of Bike EXIF, but you aren’t letting anyone down by focusing on the really important business of family. Bike Exif will remain on the top of my iGoogle page whatever the pace of posts.

  • Waren Smith

    As an artist (read poor), gallery and custom frameshop (the picture kind!) owner, bike junkie and former WERA racer, I can say that your site is my daily fix. Your resources for finding such beautifully restored or cafe’d classics and truly artful customs and choppers has no equal on the net. The background info you present of the builders, owners, and shops is so rich in substance, it’s like I’ve subscribed to yet another publication! Keep up the great work, don’t sweat the lag in posts, and best wishes to you family.

  • David Bradley

    Best of luck and a speedy recovery for your family.

  • Beldar

    I hope your family situation has a favorable outcome. The bike pix can wait.

  • Chris, many thanks for the post. I think a great testimony to your site and work is reflected in the sentiment to your family. Family is a gift and heritage from God that can never be bought or replaced and the cornerstone of society. I wish you the best.

    I sold my stock brokerage and started U.S. Choppers to spend more time with my family and put more focus into quality of life versus the pursuit of quantity. If I was ever to say less is more, it would mean far more than just an oxymoronic phrase.

    In 22 years of building motorcycles, I have constantly come into contact with fellow enthusiasts who have shared, helped, and encouraged along the way. Great folks who share in the two wheeled camaraderie. I always thought that whoever threw their leg over a motorcycle, felt the wind hit them, and returned without the desire for more- should be checked. After 30 years of riding, I’m still in love with the sport.

    Judging from the comments, I think your subscribers feel the same!

    Keep up the great work- as the politicians work together to outlaw our sport and way of life, we need more rich content to bring new enthusiasts to the fold and keep it alive.

    I subscribe to your service and will stay in touch and do my best to provide you with more content over time if you wish.

    Best regards,


  • Suzi

    Hey I’m relieved ya haven’t deserted me, was wondering what was going on. Your the only email worth opening in my box. Best wishes Chris.

  • mack-o-matik

    hey chris, best wishes with a lodda positive thoughts to you and your family, keep on loving what you do and thanks a lot for sharing so much with us.

  • vernon marsh

    Best wishes to your family member. Regarding the board tracker, it appears to be beautifully finished but strikes me as awkward with that big motor. Bikes of this kind should be lean and graceful. This one looks pregnant.

  • Great photos. One day I will ride on the salt flats. Oh yes, one day.

    No worries about the lack of posts. Quality over quantity.

  • DaapoReo

    Sorry to hear about the illness Chris. Goodluck on that!

  • this is an amazing bike!! i invited the builder to a benefit show we did for Chi Cheng back in Aug. and the owner of this bike rides in and everyone was like “Dang”! Very nice bike! p.s. You should have seen Rick’s latest build. that also was at the show! email me for pics.

  • Great bike good work !

  • This bike was featured at The Exit Los Angeles in August. Very cool design!

  • Killer bike!! love the photography too.

  • You guys are great! My husband built this boardtrack bike ! His shop is . He worked really hard on it and dumped more time and resources into it at a time when we just got married etc. There was a lot of sacrifice involved. It means a lot to hear all of the nice comments. The bike is owned by Robert now and he and Rick have become good friends in the process – Rick says the bike couldn’t have gone to a better guy. Be sure to check out his website as he specializes in boardtrack frames and chassis and he has a new model out now…. thanks again!

  • ephraim

    Sick bike, but family always comes first.Remember bikes outlast us.