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Krugger Overmile

Krugger Overmile custom motorcycle
Celebrated Belgian bike builder Fred Krugger has taken the wraps off his latest custom. ‘Overmile’ is a tribute to Krugger’s favorite motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson XR-750, and it’s just arrived in Sturgis for the World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

The finish on this machine is gorgeous: like Goldammer’s 2007 Nortorious, it’s a modern take on classic style—and shows the way ahead for custom building. Overmile has a distinctly Franco-American flavor: a 103 ci (1687 cc) S&S V-Twin drives through a 6-speed Baker PowerBox with overdrive, while other key components are French, including the Beringer brake system and Fournales shocks.

Krugger’s website has more details, and we profiled his last bike ‘Half Day’ here. [Photo by Thierry Dricot.]

  • misteradiant

    i’ve been watching bikes by dddp/krugger for over six years. at that time, duckman had pics of some old school shovels but nothing built from his cad drawings. since, he’s partnered with krugger and created many a beautiful bike. he’s been a huge influence to me.

    i wanted to give him a head’s up because he’s been part of what’s made krugger famous, but this bike doesn’t seem to be a duckman design. it isn’t innovative enough. it’s where design is going: light, fast and cafe or samurai.

    a stylistic element in krugger bikes is how the engine digs into the gas tank. the bikes are lower because of this. i like low. i’m not a frisco chopper guy.

    fun looking bike. i want one.

  • Terry Thompson

    Can’t agree more….

  • krugger

    Hi, thanks for your kind words. I’m in Sturgis for the World Championship with my new ”simple” bike … everything is fine. Mark Duckman is a good friend but has NEVER designed a bike for me. But I used his CAD 22 design to build a bike for a customer, with the authorisation of Mark, of course. That’s all …

  • I’ve just heard that Krugger got 3rd Place at the World Championships with this bike – congratulations Fred!

  • Lasexican

    I love the cafe look….would love to see/hear it in action!

  • per nielsen

    like those wheels and would like to know more, who makes them and sell them ? .. thanks per nielsen denmark

  • misteradiant

    excellent. i thought you did two or three with duckman, fred. oh well. must have been the beer. you see more than one when there is only one. i think. yeah. something like that.

    congrats on the world champ place. you were already one of the best in the world. glad to see more recognition go your way.

  • Personal Preference Rating: 9/10

    I cannot knock anything here for the most part. Low stance, dope wire rims, cool v-twin engine. But those handle bars are killing me man. I need those angled mean handle bars. Maybe that’s uncomfortable. But still. I don’t like these tall bars. If you had to have then that tall, at least not so wide. But awesome bike otherwise.