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Lagerfeld x Ruby helmets

Karl Lagerfeld x Les Ateliers Ruby helmetsIt had to happen. Karl Lagerfeld, the miniature maestro of haute couture, has turned his eye towards motorcycle fashion. He’s joined Parisian high-end helmet designer Les Ateliers Ruby to create a line of covered helmets with built-in iPods. (Lagerfeld reportedly owns several hundred iPods.) Top marks for originality.

  • Leave it to Lagerfeld…

  • I have to say it. Those Ruby helmets are terrible. They cost a fortune and are bigger than Marvin the Martian’s helmet. They seem to have lost the plot. Replicating the look of a 60’s style jet, but with no sensitivity to scale. Lagerfeld adding fabric and fur to the exterior only makes them look more outrageous.

  • Phoebe

    When I first saw these (on another blog) I just burst out laughing. I still think they’re a joke. Come on, they must be! I’m a woman, and I would never wear something like that. It’s ridiculous.

  • Andrius

    Atelier Ruby helmets were reasonably ok looking when they just started. But they are gettiing worse and worse. You can see those chaps have serious lack of creative fantasy (at least they helmets try to represent that). This collection with Lagerfeld are just pathetic… and I can not imagine what sort of drugs Cofederate people were taking to do the collaboration with Ruby and get those crapy helmets??? they are not even going close to each other!! how can you have Confederate machine and that tacky helmet??????