Laverda 1200

Laverda 1200Tony Starr, a photographer from Melbourne, spotted this motorcycle in the street and squeezed off a quick shot. I’d say it’s a Laverda 1200 from 1978 or thereabouts, a big inline triple weighing almost 250kg. Tony has a real eye for color and the signature Laverda orange paint looks luscious in this shot.

  • Adrian

    Could be one of many Laverda triples … 1000, 3CL, Jota , Jarama. or a 1200 … more likely one of the first three because of the colour.

  • It’s probably a 78 or 77. It’s not a 1200, it’s a Jota. And given that it was in the streets of Melbourne … probably the British loved and prepared jota. But it’s not definitely from the first years, since one can tell that there is an oil radiator, discs brakes at the front and probably a spoke wheel.

  • Rob

    It’s a 1200 tank, resprayed orange – none were origianlly produced in that evocative colour! Marzocchi forks & tank badges rather than decals point to 1978 or later, but the horn position below the headlight on the lower triple clamp accompanied the Ceriani front fork used up to 1977….

  • Peter

    The tank is 1200 and as the 1200 wasn’t introduced until 78, all we know is the maximum age of the tank. Badges might mis-lead, as early non mirage 1200s had decals even in 78 I seem to recall. (Maroon or blue metallics with orange stick on flashes). The bike could be any early triple, but as the original 3C / Jota tank was much prettier (I hope we all agree on that?), isn’t more likely to be an early 1200 or 1200 mirage just painted with a late Jota colour scheme? Bars and mirrors incorrect for a 1200, and the headlight horn mounting disappeared around 79…

  • Ken Howard

    It’s impossible to identify. It’s such a mixture of parts. It’s a Bitsa. It’s got jota bars and early Jota or 3C horn placement. But it’s definately a 1200 tank. All these things can be changed, even the horn placement. If I had to take a guess I’d say its a 1200 with Jota bars…. very common mod.