Laverda 750 SFC

Laverda SFC
Laverda is no longer a force in motorcycling, but that distinctive trademark orange still exerts an irresistible pull. This bike you’re looking at is the iconic SFC, or super freni competizione. In 1971, it became Laverda’s flagship racer and dominated international endurance events. Developed from the 750S road bike, this half-faired machine was designed to win high-profile races such as the Bol D’Or at Le Mans, and it did so with ease. The International Laverda 750 SFC Owners Registry has all the production details but sadly, the Piaggio-owned company’s own website is nothing more than a holding page. Wouldn’t a revival of this extraordinary brand be wonderful?

  • Natalia

    I vant to shag zis bike.