Laverda SFC Replica

Laverda SFC replica
One of the great tragedies of modern motorcycling is the demise of Laverda. The rights to the name are owned by Piaggio, which acquired the dormant brand when it took over the Aprilia Group in 2004. Piaggio is not short of a bob or two, but doesn’t seem inclined to revive Laverda. Just before the sale of its parent company, Laverda revealed a prototype that promised a revival of the famous 750 SFC (super freni competizione). Obviously nothing has come of this, but instead we can show you this lovely replica of the original SFC, owned by Max Collonge of the French classic racing team ‘Lavergnac’. Max and his brother Fred are friends with Piero Laverda himself: the story of their encounter and racing exploits with this machine at Spa-Francorchamps is on the Southsiders M.C. website. [Thanks to Laurent Tomas. Image courtesy of Vincent Prat.]

  • r

    I almost bought an original ’82 1100 Katana from a guy in rural Canada back in the late 80’s. I was just a teenager and was amazed at the Suzuki. He told me to come back the following week to see what he needed the money for.
    The next week he opened his garage door to unveil this great orange beast. He was probably 6’4″ so when he threw a leg over it looked like a grown up throwing a leg over a kid’s Schwinn. I’ll never forget him starting it and watching it vibrate back and forth across the garage floor on the stand.
    I only ever knew of one more in Canada, that I saw in the back page of Cycle Canada. The sand cast cylinders, the engine, everything on the bike was gorgeous and was to me, mobile art.

  • Josh

    Gorgeous, I’d love to race something like this.

  • macfly

    Growing up in London, UK I’ve had many Laverdas. First love is always the deepest, and they are still my favorite all time bikes. I always wanted to try a 750 SFC, but never had the chance to try one. They are such elegantly beautiful bikes, thank you for posting this one.
    Sadly the difficulty of keeping and running one in California, where know one knows what they, keeps me from buying another now I live so far from the UK, where they were always popular cult bikes.

  • Jim

    Laverda’s were wonderful machines and MCing is lessened by its demise. But it makes no sense for Piaggio to bring it back. The development and marketing costs would never be recovered in the current market. If built the bike would end up being priced like an MV Augusta, then we’d all whine about how much it cost.

  • Mingh

    what Jim said
    Let’s hope that Piaggio never tries to revive them. And do a benelli or -god forbid- a ‘modern classic’ like them fake bonnies, sport 1000 or fake V7 sport.
    I love them. They seem so true and purposeful. When I first saw a 750 SF2 on the street, i was smitten. And i hope to be in the market for one soon. Trying to make up my mind between a gorgeous SF or a rogue Jota. If only they had kickstarters…..

  • Aerion

    Does anyone have some information on those rear shocks? They appear to have internal springs and are different from those with which the bike is pictured racing.