Rodney Aguiar’s Revelation

Revelation, a Mazda rotary-powered motorcycle by Rodney Aguiar
This gargantuan custom is the creation of the reclusive Rodney Aguiar. He’s best known for his fabrication work with Roland Sands, and we featured his lovely BMW bobber a few months ago. This machine, however, is a sledgehammer in comparison. The engine of Revelation is a Mazda 13B rotary, extracted from a neighbor’s crashed RX-7. It’s breathing through a Weber sidedraft carb, and (unverified) web reports put the output at 250 bhp—about 50 bhp more than the stock Series 5 turbo rotary. The transmission and rear end are from a BMW R1100GS, and the front is from a Suzuki GSX-R 750.

You could describe the look as ‘Roland Sands meets Mad Max’, and it’s refreshingly different to anything else out there. A neat touch is the wording on the bike, taken from Ezekiel 25:17. “I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes; and they shall know that I am Yahweh, when I shall lay my vengeance on them.” Given that Revelation is very loud, it’s strangely appropriate. Check Aguiar’s oddball Propulsion Lab website for more pictures: click on the word ‘Dreaming’ to go to a gallery of shots.

  • Ceolwulf

    Wow … a completely unmuffled rotary with two feet of pipe for exhaust … that thing would drown out half of Sturgis!

  • such a cool custom! saw this in person at the seattle motorcycle show a few years back, really well put together.

  • Way cool. Check that great front shot of the bike on that link – the Weber sticking a mile out – freaky! Not loving the paint job myself but very apt nevertheless.

    Great bike to feature ;)

  • Nick

    What are the fan looking things on the underside of the bike?

  • will

    Nick, those are puller fans for the bottom mount radiators. Rotaries typically self destruct when they overheat, its very important to keep them cool. There must be a video of this beast somewhere, that sound should be incredible!

  • Nice to see the old BMW back end handles all that power.

  • Alan

    250bhp out of a NA 13B has to be a race bridgeport. If you think a normal rotary is loud with pipes, this thing must sound like a rapid-fire howitzer, spit flames like one too. Probably revs to 11K, sucks 12 mpg and will last 10,000 miles on the apex seals.

    Excellent though.

  • SLiM

    I was with Rodney the day he started it for the first time. He had ear muffs on and I had nothing. I actually felt my brain itch from the noise!