Ferro Negro: A Moto Guzzi 1000 SP cafe racer

Moto Guzzi 1000 SP cafe racer
There’s something about a big-block Moto Guzzi that lends itself perfectly to the creation of a stripped-down, brutal café racer.

‘Ferro Negro’—Black Iron in Italian— is based on a 1981 Moto Guzzi 1000 SP and it was built by Andrea Viganò of Bruciato Garage in Bergamo, Italy.

Moto Guzzi 1000 SP cafe racer
There’s nothing subtle about this bike, with matte black paint throwing attention onto the huge finned V-twin cylinders. The SP was a rusted-out wreck when Viganò bought it, so he used his spare time during the cold Alpine winter to create his vision. The tank is a fibreglass V7 unit, which works strangely well with the tail from a Suzuki RG500 endurance racer.

Moto Guzzi 1000 SP cafe racer
Viganò then rewired the Guzzi and removed all unnecessary electrics—along with all the instrumentation apart from a rev counter. Newer Moto Guzzi control blocks were fitted, plus Tarozzi rearsets and Lafranconi mufflers wrapped with tape. Ferro Negro doesn’t have the slender aesthetics of a British café racer or the delicacy of a Honda CB, but it has a sense of purpose that few other custom motorcycles can match.

  • Joe

    Really nice. Glad to see a reasonably sized rear tire and not the obese donuts fitted so often these days.

  • RobL

    Chris, you hit the nail on the head, “Ferro Negro doesn’t have the slender aesthetics of a British café racer or the delicacy of a Honda CB”. Thank goodness! It’s neither the waif of Kate Moss nor the exotic Lucy Liu, but the full-figured, dark and sultry Caterina Murino. Que Bella!

  • ian j

    Nice – very nice – tail section has been hit a bit with the ugly stick mind you however, bet it looks better in the ‘flesh.

  • Carbon-arc

    Caterina Murino – great similarly

  • mingh

    At first look it’s awesome. Too bad the detailing of the seat so poor. The subframe’s tubes just sit there sticking out, and the seat doesn’t follow the lines of those tubes at all.

    Oh, and delicacy is the last word i’d assiosicate with the mother of all ujm’s. There too lumpy, too bland and too common for that. Delicacy is something i’d call a Ritmo Sereno Guzzi

  • Thomas

    Looks good – but the “[email protected]” really spoils it

  • Thomas

    Sorry, I meant to say:
    Looks good – but the “[email protected]” taillight really spoils it.

  • ianj

    Ok I have to admit that I was being ‘diplomatic’ earlier suggesting that the tail probably looks better in the ‘flesh’. MY goodness is ugly……!!!! but hay the ugly chick still gets a date so perhaps I have missed something? Still would gladly put in my garage though – obviously not bring out in public untill I had moulded a new tail…. LOL.

  • Andrea

    inspiration is taken from the bike race are beautiful views from the ramparts, while closely you realize that the simplicity makes them very rude to look at in detail.
    fascinates me without being eligible among the “beautiful” ;-)
    a warm greeting to all

  • SEX!

  • Rex Havoc

    I’m surprised bikeEXIF is featuring a ratbike

  • chester pootananny

    I’m always amazed how many “bikers” turn their noses up at bikes that look a bit broken in. Calling this a Ratbike is just plumb dumb. There are some great lines and attention to detail here. Stunning stuff, I guess most here are attracted to the bright and shiny.

  • The tank sits nicely but the tail seat unit doesn’t fit with the chopped off chopping off the frame rails, though I appreciate what was being attempted. Guzzis lend themselves so well to this treatment when done well..

  • Rusk

    You do know that those ‘obese donuts’ serve a purpose, right?

  • Joe

    To a point, sure. But would this bike benefit from 3x more rubber on the rear? I don’t think so.

  • hotballs

    what a great bike. built on a budget with no regard for what others think with the sole purpose to please the owner, and for that reason alone the seat is just as awesome as the rest of it.it has poise and attitude in abundance so to all those people who dont like it, i suppose you would put a rounded seat on it like the thousands of others who have made a guzzi cafe racer and probably want to see a polished ally tank as well, in which case it would not be displayed here, would it?..

  • John becker

    Nice bike – where is the front fork from is it also from a SP 1000?

  • Pete

    Yes it looks like the original SP fork – with gaiters added.

    This bike indeed is not shiny or subtle looking. Just like it’s not subtle to ride. I’d rather call it raw.

    • Andrea

      Pointing the bike is really tough, but once in motion is very stable and precise cornering.
      the setting is racing like a real cafe racer deserves to be