Moto Guzzi Le Mans by Kaffeemaschine

Moto Guzzi racer by Axel Budde
Axel Budde is an interesting guy. He’s a ‘precision driver’ for the film and TV industry: a guy who can take the exact same line in a car or truck, time after time, at high speed, until the cameraman gets The Shot. And when Axel isn’t thrashing performance cars around closed roads, he turns old Moto Guzzis into things of beauty.

Moto Guzzi racer by Axel Budde
If you want a Le Mans-based café racer or a vintage racebike, Axel is your man. He’ll take a Le Mans frame, completely refurbish it, and slot in a motor based around Le Mans engine casings. The internals of the motor will be heavily upgraded, whether it’s an early 850 or a later 1000 Mark IV. (Power output in the latter case is apparently 92bhp or more, with 104Nm of torque.)

Moto Guzzi cafe racer
The suspension will be upgraded, but look stock, and an aftermarket tank will be fitted—subtly different from the original, but in perfect keeping with the classic Guzzi lines. Both the race bikes and the road bikes look equally desirable: stripped to the essentials, they’re essays in silver and black. I’d take either—or both—and if you feel the same, Axel will build a bike for you. Contact him here.

Moto Guzzi cafe racer

  • JaviXJ

    OMG!!! That’s the most beautiful think I’ve seen.

  • Wow, that may just be my dream bike.

  • skip

    Guzzies have never really done much for me, but i have to say I’m feeling a little moist. looks like it’ll go too, with 92bhp and stripped bare.

  • s0crates82

    i’ve never understood the open velocity stacks. sure they’re pretty, but won’t crap get sucked into the engine?

  • Rex Havoc

    O M G!

    Thanks Chris, one of the best!

  • D.

    How do you start it?

  • TCrump

    Beautiful work!!!
    @D……the starter is the round black thingy under the left velocity stack. All big twin Guzzi’s are electric start…..He has hidden the battery somewhere.
    You can believe it handles well. It is a “Tonti” frame model….they handle really well, especially when they are lighter, like this one.

  • Wowza, that is simply stunning!!

  • David Enfield

    It looks like it’s “doing a ton” and it’s still on the paddock stand . Doesn’t lose anything with lights etc . Unadorned beauty . Superb .

  • RD350

    Why doesn’t Guzzi make something like this? Isn’t this what lots of people want in this cafe crazed climate we are currently in?

    Seems like an easy thing to build (out of existing parts) that would sell well right now.

    I think there is a market for a “real cafe racer” … with full power, full displacement, lighter weight and of course, classic good looks

    Instead, they offer the anemic and expensive, entry level, 750cc V7 … the GB500 of Guzzis. Once again, they are missing the boat.

  • mack-o-matik

    wow, thats unfuckingbelievable that is…

  • Bald Shaun

    First the Duc, now this? Spot on! This is one gorgeous goose. Bravo!

  • PB

    yes, this is brilliant!

  • Bluey

    This is another stunning example of “Less is more”. Where is the battery?
    Having owned & toured UK & Europe on a Mk2 Le Mans in 1983 I remember well what a heavy machine it was (panniers/top-box included). It served the purpose well, was reliable & efficient on fuel, returning 80-85mpg on the Autostrada’s. I sold it when we got back to NZ as wasn’t really suitable for our twisty South Island roads with it’s slow steering. If I had another Le Mans I would seriously convert it to a stripped down example like this.
    Socrates82, I have never had valve or seat wear problems on the race track with open velocity stacks. Although I did remove a stone from the front cylinder of my Ducati after a high speed crash, ending up in the kitty litter.

    • Zoot

      Dunno what you were riding, but I have ridden MkII and MkIII LMs around the South Island for decades and never noticed a problem with handling. Likewise your comment on weight – my LMIII weighed the same as a Jap 500 of the same vintage – heavy they are not.

      That being said, they aren’t for boys – the throttle and riding position play havoc with your wrists, but it is easily remedied.

      I am looking for another MkIII or 1000 to do a more geriatric-friendly Cafe… luckily a lot of people denigrate them so they are cheap in comparison with other Italian iron.

      I have had it with Ducati and Laverda. Expensive to run, a PITA to maintain.

  • ninni

    tutte e due sono fantastiche, buona la scelta del coperchio punterie della serie tonda su quei cilindri

  • Claude Reichenbach

    Guten Tag,
    Ich wollte nur wissen, was kosten die Ersatzteilen um die Umbau zu machen. Danke sehr.

  • Ard

    This is definitely the most beautiful cafe racer creation I’ve seen.. absolutely marvellous!

    BTW: What type of exhaust is this, original Lafranconi’s?

  • Claude Reichenbach

    @Ard : it’s the Lafranconi’s “riservati alla competizione” for the Le Mans Mark I and II-