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Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

Moto Guzzi 850 Le MansA few days ago, I walked out of a cafe in Titirangi, New Zealand, just in time to see an immaculate red Le Mans pull up. As the rider killed the V-twin engine, heads turned and coffee cups paused in mid-air. Very few bikes have the aura and kerb appeal of this classic Guzzi, let alone those from the mid-70s.

  • Hi, I’m a LM1 owner, I appreciate your interest in Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

    Bie bie

  • Rob

    I am a Guzzi collector: The LM1 is amongst one of the best looking and sounding bikes, not only from the 70s. There is something about the sound of an Italian V twin, especially from Mandello. Rob

    • As the new owner of a V7 Classic, I’ll second that. Cheers, Chris.

  • Jason

    I just got a 08/74 850T that has a rear fender and other bits off a V7S, and a LM1 tank. Pretty decent bike, would like more power though – my `68 Bonneville and `72 TR6C bikes are much faster. However, I got it for long distance ripping, which it has been great so far. And bc it’s a mix bag of three bikes – engine and frame do match, just cosmetically it’s a mix – I’m going to feel free to keep rolling with it – the 850T was a bit of a duck – no pun intended. We’ll see what happens to it this winter here in DC

  • Doug

    It’s nice to see so many Guzzi fan’s. I got a Mk11 in 1984 in Darwin Australia,
    and have since more around the country a lot. The bike has come with me all the way from Darwin, Sydney, Melborne, Adelaide and Perth. Lots of miles and heaps of fun. It’s been a daily ride and a great tourer.
    Unforturely for the bike has not remained standard, but then again the Mk11’s are not the prettiest of the Guzzi range. It is now a 1000cc, 40mm del, marzocci 40mm forks, spocket wheels, custom side covers and seat.
    I hated the clutch cable arrangement, so converted to hydraulic, One of the best mod’s I’ve done.
    The bike is all black and I think, as all owners of mobified bikes think looks great.

    Good luck to you all and fine riding.

  • Rudolf

    Hi all
    Great to find so many Guzzi fans here. I owe a Le Mans III 1982. Have done a lot of work on it and turned it inot a stylisch single seater Don’t live in Switzerland anymore and can not bring it along ot my new location Must sell :((
    If u r interested in seeing some pictures pls write.

  • Mike Parenti

    Hello from Chicago.
    I am in the process of converting a 1975 850T into a cafe racer, and I came across the picture of the red 850 LeMans. I was stunned – it is beautiful.
    I really love the black exhaust and muffler. As sourcing a muffler I wanted is becoming a problem (I wanted a Bub Conti replica) I’ve decided to try to mimic the bike above. Could you please share with me the make and model number of the muffler combo? Also, did you have to have special exhaust pipes or did you use stock Guzzi LeMans exhaust pipes? My local Guzzi parts guy says with an 850T you can’t use the swept up mufflers because of mounting them along the rear drums; thoughts?